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New Novel Addresses Domestic Violence and Religious Oppression While Healing Its Readers

Heaven's Hell, The Beginning; a powerful, thought-provoking novel dramatizes the effects of domestic violence, abuse, and religious oppression while delivering spiritual truth and weaving words of healing between its chapters.

    AURORA, CO, August 18, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Pamela Chapman, founder of iAscend Programs, LLC in Aurora, Colorado has released her new gripping, thought-provoking novel: Heaven's Hell, The Beginning. The first in a three-part series, the novel depicts the effects of domestic and family violence, as well as religious oppression, on a young girl's life.

We follow the young victim through her journey of destruction, defeat, and oppression and see the dramatic emotional, psychological, and physiological results of abuse and violence. At the same time, the author pronounces spiritual truth, weaving words of healing throughout the book's chapters.

"In the recent tragic death of the beloved Michael Jackson, we don't have to look far to see the destructive and devastating effects of childhood abuse and family violence," says Chapman. "We can't deny his unsurpassed success, but we simultaneously see his self-hate, self-destruction, and self-deprivation. Michael had it all, yet he silently suffered. His turned his internal suffering to the extreme of outwardly changing his appearance and self-anesthetizing, resulting in his demise. Michael's, and his family's, abuse was emotional and psychological, which is often more devastating than physical abuse," Chapman says. Her book addresses such family violence. It helps those who have suffered find meaning in their lives, move through the grief and into the light of healing.

Chapman did not want to write just another self-help book or preach to her audience about unhealthy self-esteem. As a woman brought up in an abusive home and in the religious community, a community she says, "spoke about love, taught love, but was void in demonstration," she wanted to write a fictional, entertaining piece that poured out love between the pages. The book allows her audience, young and mature readers alike, to easily relate to childhood trauma without recreating their pain.

"Domestic and partner violence is prevalent; many of us have been affected. We must heal through love, awareness, and understanding in order to be the successful and prosperous human beings we were meant to be, functioning at optimal levels and walking in our destiny," Chapman asserts.

ABOUT PAMELA CHAPMAN -- Ms. Chapman was born and raised in New York City, leaving the Bronx at the young age of 20. She migrated to Southern California in 1977. It was in Orange County, one of California's elitist counties, where she experienced a new type of violence: racism and discrimination. Her second book in the series, Heaven's Hell, The Journey, to be released late in 2010, tells of her fight for respect, opportunity, and freedom, as well as her perpetual search for love--all further contributing to her already extremely unhealthy self-esteem.

Chapman is a certified self-esteem life strategist and motivational teacher for iAscend. She is a no-nonsense leader who uses progressive coaching techniques to show women, and their teenaged girls, how to break free of their limitations, maximize their purpose, and realize their purpose. She now resides in Aurora, Colorado along with her 86-year old mother and often travels to Colorado's majestic mountains.

iAscend Programs, LLC is an organization that empowers women by building self-esteem, providing education and being a resource for spiritual strength.


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