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Ensquared Confirms iPhone Insurance Is Not Available Here, There Or Anywhere

A complete insurance package for the Apple Iphone cannot be purchased anywhere in the US according the number one authority for phone insurance.

    DELRAY BEACH, FL, September 03, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It's official- according to Ensquared the Cell Phone Insurance experts, no Insurance company offers a comprehensive insurance package for the Iphone which protects against all key attributes such as Theft, Loss, Accidental Damage and Extended Warranty.

The iPhone has become the most popular selling cell phone over the last three years however each and every owner should be very careful: Their precious device cannot be truly protected as are all other phone makes and models. The apparent reason that iPhone Insurance is not available is based on some key factors, the most pertinent being that to date phone insurance companies are unwilling to risk their profitability by offering a comprehensive iPhone insurance product.

The manufacturer of the product itself offers an extended warranty which is not a true phone insurance product. Cover under extended warranty is limited to faults in the hardware and software not caused by accident or negligence thus eliminating protection for spills and damages of any kind. Extended warranty limited protection is most common on iPhone because insurance providers know the rate of claims made by policy holders is almost negligible.

There are Internet companies in the phone insurance arena that do offer a limited iPhone insurance options for accidental damage, spills and theft. However a hefty claim deductible is levied when any claim is made and there is no cover for lost iphones. In the event that a claim is successfully made, the dollar payout is not enough to ensure that the original iPhone device is simply replaced.

"Everyday we have hundreds of visitors using our Insurance Calculator only to find that they can't always get the Iphone insurance they really want. The phone insurance calculator is a valuable and free online tool which saves people time, money and future disappointment when they really understand the obvious limitations around iPhone Insurance" says Gordon Polovin Director of Ensquared.

Polovin ads " Countries like the Australia and the UK offer a simpler nore complete Iphone Insurance product not available anywhere in the US or Canada". Next time you consider buying your children or wife an Iphone think about the fact that you cannot insure this beloved device. It is Ensqured's view that a fuller phone insurance cover for US and Canada will soon emerge. At what cost is the big $ question?

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