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Announcing MODER8 - A New Dietary Supplement that Aids in the Control of Alcohol Consumption

Proprietary blend of amino acids helps reduce cravings, inhibit "binge response" in problem drinkers.

    ROSWELL, GA, February 10, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Second Chance Health & Wellness, Inc. announces the introduction of MODER8 - an amino acid based dietary supplement that helps reduce cravings and inhibit the "binge response" in problem drinkers. MODER8 ,which is not a pharmaceutical drug ,contains a proprietary blend* of amino acids that function as negative neurotransmitters helping alcohol abusers control their alcohol consumption.**1 MODER8 is currently being sold exclusively online at

For Elizabeth Michael, developer of MODER8 and President of Second Chance Health & Wellness, Inc., the struggle with alcohol began at an early age, at age 12.

Over the next few decades, nothing had an effect on controlling her abuse; not academic suspensions, legal problems and parental intervention, nor professional counseling and support groups.

But even with her unpredictable compulsion to drink, Michael was able to earn postgraduate degrees in both biochemistry and biology and gain extensive experience as an analytical chemist and formulator.

Eventually, the desire to regain control of her life directed her to several research studies that had identified a genetic link in the brains of alcoholic families. Her subsequent findings about brain neurotransmitters and their role in controlling addictions, including alcoholism, led her to develop MODER8, the new alcohol moderation management dietary supplement.

MODER8 is specifically designed for three categories of so-called "problem drinkers", beginning, intermediate and early advanced, who may or may not have a genetic or biochemical predisposition to abuse alcohol. While individual responses to alcohol may vary, all three types of abusers exhibit a naturally higher tolerance for alcohol and generally experience a higher level of euphoria when drinking.

MODER8 works in two ways. First, it relieves stress to help block the urge to drink ,the binge response, in problem drinkers. Second, the proprietary blend in MODER8 capsules produces a calm, pleasant effect that is intensified when alcohol is consumed. Because the pleasure sensation is achieved more quickly, MODER8 users are able to sip slowly and feel satisfied with far fewer drinks.

The amino acid / neurotransmitters in MODER8 have a naturally calming effect that help reduce stress, a contributing factor for alcohol abuse. In addition, MODER8 contains B-vitamins, which have been shown to be deficient in alcohol abusers. Vitamins B1 and B12 are important for a healthy nervous system and Vitamin B6 helps enhance neurotransmitter levels."1,2

Supporting the use of MODER8 capsules is a moderation management strategy called the 7+1 Plan, which helps drinkers reduce alcohol consumption and regain control. The 7+1 Plan incorporates proper MODER8 usage guidelines with a personalized plan (including a daily drinking log to chart progress) that helps manage challenging situations where drinking has become an issue.

"The goal of MODER8, as its name implies, is to help people achieve moderation when drinking," Michael explains. "Rather than a policy of zero tolerance, MODER8 takes a positive, and far more realistic, approach to alcohol management."

"Abstinence and 12-step programs aren't cure-alls and they aren't the only answer to treating problem drinking," says Michael. "In fact, some studies have shown that over 90% of alcoholics who 'quit cold turkey' eventually resume their pattern of excessive drinking.

"Our philosophy is simple: You don't have to totally quit drinking, but you do have to begin taking positives steps to regain control of your life."

Today, for the first time in her life, Elizabeth Michael says she's able to drink only one glass of wine and be completely satisfied, the most alcohol she has consumed in one day is three drinks, and she goes many days without drinking any alcohol at all.

Additional information about MODER8 dietary supplement capsules available online only and the 7 + 1 Plan can be found at

About Second Chance Health & Wellness, Inc.
Second Chance Health & Wellness, Inc., founded by Elizabeth Michael in January 2009, is dedicated to helping the problem drinker and potential alcoholic turn their life around by combining a breakthrough method to reduce the desire for alcohol with a positive attitude to make a change. The company mission is to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to help people take control of their drinking and their lives.

USE MODER8 RESPONSIBLY. Due to its light sedative qualities, the supplement must always be used responsibly. NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE AFTER TAKING MODER8.

WARNING: NOT FOR USE BY INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR NURSING. Consult a physician or mental health professional before using this product. Not recommended if you are suffering from clinical depression.

*Proprietary Blend contains;-Aminobutyric acid , 5-HTP from Griffonia Seed Extract and L-Theanine. Other ingredients: Gelatin and Magnesium Stearate. **These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

1. Avram Goldstein, M.D., Addiction: From Biology to Drug Policy (Oxford University Press, 2001), 66-68. 2. Jacob J. Schor, N.D. and Rena A. Bloom, N.D., "GABA: Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid," Naturopathic Clinic News, Accessed February 2009.


Tips for Success
Setting Alcohol Consumption and Personal Goals

MODER8 dietary supplement capsules can help reduce the craving for alcohol, but your decision and willingness to make changes in your life is the first and most critical step for success.

• Develop a realistic plan. It's critical that you decide when and how much you want to drink and develop your goals ahead of time.

• Find something to look forward to a personal or professional goal, business venture or vacation. A positive attitude and outlook is an effective motivator to reduce your drinking.

• Make a list of things you enjoy and do them instead of drinking. Exercising, walking, visiting friends, reading, shopping, sightseeing are just a few activities to help take your mind off drinking.

• Identify the triggers (such as particular people or places) that cause you to go off on a binge, and plan now for how you're going to deal with these situations. You may not be able to change the things that cause you to drink, but you can change how you react to them.

• Be prepared - and understand that whatever you've been running from will still be there after you've gotten your drinking under control.

• Above all, start enjoying this second chance to live life the way you want - able to control your drinking instead of your drinking controlling you!

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