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Free Online Games - Only Getting Better

Cure Your Boredom without Emptying Your Wallet

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, February 28, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Are you twiddling your thumbs in your free time? Do you need something to do? You could be at the office staring at the clock, you could be at home trying to pass time, or you could even be at SCHOOL waiting for the bell to ring! There are so many different scenarios in which you need the time to fly by, but at best it just drifts by at a crawl. You search and search, but you can't find anything to do! It doesn't matter because now there is a GREAT way to cure your boredom without emptying your wallet!

You don't have to rush to an arcade machine; you don't have to go see a movie! You don't even have to buy a new game at the store! All the fun you could possibly have is right here at your very fingertips, and all you need to do is navigate to to play all the free online games you can handle! This is not a subscription site, you will not have to pay fees, and all you need to do is play free games until your fingers turn blue! That doesn't sound too hard does it?

What kind of games do they have you ask? They have every type of online games you could imagine! From racing, to puzzles, to action, and even girl oriented games! Not only that, Gamesoid is home to one of the toughest incarnations of Super Mario we've ever seen! Who doesn't enjoy playing as the big red plumber, thwarting the plans of Bowser and his minions? Whoever you are, wherever you come from, you can find a home at Gamesoid!

Solve mysteries, use your Magic Pen to create adventures, and fend off the bunnies to save the day. Where so many different adventures you could embark on and Gamesoid are offers more free games than most other websites of its type. With the number of games at this site the only limit here is your imagination, and if you are bored then your imagination is running wild!

The question is whether or not you will continue to be amused and entertained by Gamesoid. The answer is absolutely yes! New free online games are being added everyday by people like you and me. Do you have a cool flash game you want to submit? What are you waiting for? If you like a game, then you may even have the option to download it to your hard drive to play again and again. This is really handy in the event a game becomes discontinued. Face it, we all have that ONE game we love that no one else seems to appreciate. If you REALLY like the game, then you may have the option to add the game to your own website. This will benefit both you and Gamesoid because users will return to your site again and again, and if they like the game they will probably head over to Gamesoid. What you have here is a win-win situation! Put those two features together, and what you have is a top notch recipe for viral marketing! Not every free online games site offers this service or these opportunities, but with Gamesoid you will have only the best experience 100% of the time.

If you know what game you want to play, then you can type it into the search box and pull it up. If you aren't sure what you want to play, then the games are organized into categories, ready for you to choose and experiment with. Over time you might develop a favourite genre, or you might play every game continuously. It's up to you! Also remember that Gamesoid does keep track of the most popular applications, and you can check them out on the website.

Want to become a Gamesoid partner? You have that option as well! Not only will you be able to post a cool banner on your website, you will also be directed tons of traffic that you might even turn into sales. Can you think of any reason to NOT visit Gamesoid and check out all of their cool offerings?

With the business aspect aside, what you have here is pure, untainted fun that you or other members of your family can enjoy...if you want to share that is.. You won't have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on store bought or digitally downloaded video games. At Gamesoid you have access to hundreds of highly addicting games that will get you through those rough patches where you're tapping your foot, humming to yourself, or biting your fingernails. When you play at Gamesoid, the clock will pass that halfway point sooner than you anticipated, and that is something you just cannot buy.

The only question we have to ask now is what you're waiting for. There are plenty of games out there, plenty of categories, and you can be immersed in them sooner than you think. With no registration, and no need to pay, it's a wonder that you haven't been to this great place already.

For more information, visit the Gamesoid site today at For information on their partner program and a way to report partnership, check out For everything else, just check out their many different video game categories. There is so much to do, so much to play. Remember, you can't have fun until you check it out!

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