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Scar Prevention and Alligator Embryos

Learn about Juvista that can significantly reduce existing scars with only two injections.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - July 27, 2006 - The secret to scar-free healing comes from alligator embryos. It is a protein called transforming growth factor B3 (TGFB3), and a synthetic form of the protein is soon to be available in a product called Juvista.

Mark W. J. Ferguson discovered that TGFB3 helps to reduce scarring while studying cleft palates in alligators. Alligator palates develop in the same way as human palates. When Ferguson tried operating on alligator embryos in the womb, he discovered that the baby alligators were born with no scars. 20 years later he developed a prescription drug that helps to reduce scarring in humans. In 2000 Ferguson and Sharon O'Kane formed Renevo LTD.

Scar prevention and reduction can benefit cosmetic surgery patients in many ways. For years cosmetic surgeons have worked to reduce the effects of scarring, devising methods that allow for a smaller incision and finding ways to place incisions in less visible areas.

Preventing or reducing the development of scar tissue means that doctors and patients will have more freedom to choose how the procedure will be performed. Patients will no longer be forced to weigh the visual benefits of surgery against the appearance of scars.

Existing scars can be significantly reduced without the use of lasers or skin grafts. Juvista can significantly reduce existing scars with only two injections. An exact figure has not yet been announced, but Renevo expects Juvista injections to cost less than BOTOX.

While Juvista can lead to incredible improvements in cosmetic surgery, the benefits go far beyond appearances. For some people, scarring is a serious and debilitating problem, causing pain and loss of motion, and disfigurement. Burn and accident victims, who often have significant scarring over large areas of their bodies, will experience a significantly improved quality of life after scar reduction.

Renevo is currently developing drugs to prevent abdominal adhesions and reduce scarring in blood vessel, eyes and tendons. Juvista is its lead product and is still in clinical trials, but should be available in the U.S. soon.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, wish to reduce existing scars, talk to your doctor about Juvista today.

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