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July 27, 2006

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Barclays Stockbrokers Clients Are Undeterred By Falling Markets

2006-07-27 | Over half of Barclays Stockbrokers Clients see CFDs as a way of trading against a weak market

Scar Prevention and Alligator Embryos

2006-07-27 | Learn about Juvista that can significantly reduce existing scars with only two injections.

Is There Really a Connection Between Diabetes and Alzheimer's? Asks Physician Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD

2006-07-27 | Summary; Shock waves from the recent Madrid Alzheimer's meeting sent scientists scurrying for an explanation for how a Seattle VA study showed that diabetes could lead to a nearly 70% increase in Alzheimer's disease. One scientist not caught off-guard was internist/researcher Lawrence Broxmeyer MD.