All Press Releases for November 15, 2004

More Dependable Political Polling Solutions Are Now Available

Better polling solutions offered for the upcoming mid-term elections and 2008 Presidential elections.

    / - Why were pre-election and exit polls so inaccurate this election year? The pollsters used the wrong technology, methodology and processes to gauge and collect voter opinion says Founder and CEO Scott Gingold.

"Telephone polling used during the election has become as ineffective and unreliable as paper surveys mailed to residences. Polling has to be taken to the people where they live, work and play. Our online data collection method brings polling to the people, so it is more accurate."

powerfeedback can deploy an army of polling personnel around the country. Its mobile pollsters conduct field polling that allows quick synchronized results reporting that can instantly be compared nationwide. This model was developed using the same techniques the company has used to collect regional health data including in hard-to-reach remote areas of Alaska and South Dakota. Its proven data collection system enables more reliable polling results.

Mr. Gingold further states, "We have developed a better mouse trap. We are positioned to serve as the back-end operation for larger well-known polling organizations, or we can be a direct front-line solution for media outlets. Either way we are well prepared for the mid-term elections in 2006 as well as the Presidential elections in 2008."

What is your opinion on the recent pre-election polling? Please visit and cast your vote!

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary was a pioneer and remains a leader in online custom web-based surveys. has experienced triple-digit growth each year for the last four years due to the unparalleled customer service provided as well as the innovative and dynamic solutions being offered. is a registered WBE (women's business enterprise) and a SBE (small business enterprise) which makes its standing with many government agencies, non-profit associations and corporate clients more advantageous.

If you'd like more information or to schedule an interview with Scott Gingold, please call 484/239-9525 or, e-mail Scott at [email protected] is a pioneer and remains a global leader in online custom web-based survey solutions. Its expanded field research capabilities offer new and dramatic possibilities for its clients.

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