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November 15, 2004

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More Dependable Political Polling Solutions Are Now Available

2004-11-15 | Better polling solutions offered for the upcoming mid-term elections and 2008 Presidential elections.

Comcourse and Pinnacle Career Institute Join Forces to Create PCI-Online

2004-11-15 | Comcourse has partnered with Pinnacle Career Institute, to create PCI-Online. Their goal: Help people find better jobs as the old industrial economy jobs disappear.

Proud of His Stock Forecasting Formula, Inventor Gives Investors a “Free Taste”

2004-11-15 | For decades mathematicians and investors have sought a “magic bullet” – a formula to predict the ups and downs of the stock market. Finally the formula has been found!

New Book of Pet Stories Will Make A Great Gift For All Ages

2004-11-15 | "Unconditional Love - Pet Tales by the Humans Who Love them" is a compilation of animal stories and anecdotes by author Avie Townsend and 17 other contributing authors.