All Press Releases for November 15, 2010 Joins in the Fight Against Wi-Fi-Based Digital Home Invasions

eReviewGuide releases crucial resource for Internet users concerned about wi-fi and wireless device security and data theft.

    BELLEVUE, WA, November 15, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Your email, Facebook login and password, your images, and not the least your credit card information, are in danger on the Internet. We all know about the dangers posed by phishing scams, Trojan horses, and malware. Unfortunately, these are just some of the ways scammers and hackers can get your personal information and cause you financial misery. Increasingly, hackers are using unsecured private wi-fi and public hot spots to steal sensitive personal and financial information.

"The risks are intimidating," notes Oliver Thompson, Corporate Communications consultant for, the Internet's leading software and computer security authority website. "In addition to data thieves assuming your identity and emptying your accounts, unauthorized users can also use your network to distribute spam, conduct denial of service (DOS) attacks, distribute spyware and malware, or download illegal information like child pornography." Moreover, it is a huge invasion of a user's privacy. Given the huge exposure to legal, financial, and privacy damage involved, recently released its Wireless Network Security Resource.

The Resource Page lists the most common and dangerous vulnerabilities present in many wireless networks such as: less secure encryption standards, security for wireless devices, user best practices when setting up a wi-fi network for their home or business, and user best practices when using a wi-fi network in a public area. "We paid special attention to public wi-fi hot spot "phishing" scams," said Thompson. "Data thieves are getting more creative and this is just the latest in their sneaky efforts at stealing personal data." Data thieves are increasingly creating fake 'hot spots' in order to trick users to use their systems. The phishing network records all users data and attempts to decrypt it. "The 'payoff' is when the unsuspecting user loads a financial or other sensitive site and enters their login and password."

The recent explosive growth of smartphones has opened another front in the fight against data thieves. "We hope that as more and more people use smartphones to the access the Internet, they keep in mind the proven best practices we cover in our Resource Page. Just as with many things in life, prevention costs way less and is less of a headache than having to get a cure," said Thompson. It's easy to get alarmed about physical home invasions but a digital home (or PC) invasion is just as damaging and leaves lasting damage.


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