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Frontline Events Shows Companies How They Can Benefit From the Outsource Sales Route

Outsource sales are the cost effective way to promote business.

    MANCHESTER, ENGLAND, November 18, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The way consumers search for their commodities is changing, at one time if you wanted to make a purchase you went to a shop in the High Street. If you wanted gas or electricity you just went in the High Street show room and there was no choice of supplier.

These days, consumers are much savvier. The introduction of easy access Internet services means that consumers can do all their shopping, find good deals on services and communicate by e-mail without even having to speak to a person. Whilst this is an easy option for a consumer it limits the impact a company can have on the consumer. In the 'good old days' a customer might use a certain shop because they liked the people or they received good service. "Of course, that doesn't mean that service has declined, it is just that the perception is different," says Gillian O'Brien, manager of Frontline Events. "The way we shop and look for services means there is much more competition out there which is great for the consumer, but difficult for the provider."

This means that businesses need to look for alternative ways to market their products and services. No business wants to be one of many, they want to be the one the consumer thinks of first. By outsourcing sales and marketing a business can put itself back in the consumers' mind. Using face-to-face direct sales techniques puts your business back in the 'High Street' . "We have all seen kiosks for satellite TV in the High Street, which is just one way that a company showcases itself to the public," says Gillian. "We often represent companies at trade shows or annual events, it is just a matter of presenting yourself to the public, we call it brand awareness. Using outsource sales is just a way to maximise the potential in these events. You only have a limited time to get the message across so it is important to use an experienced, effective marketing team," says Gillian of Frontline Events. "If you outsource to a specialist team you will see a great ROI."

Some companies use their own in-house staff to attend these events, which has its advantages, not least that they are already receiving a salary. If your company needs an event to be successful in terms of getting leads from potential customers, the chances are, a specialist marketing team will achieve better results. "Our marketers are used to engaging people quickly and closing the deal; if they get rejected they move on to the next one, that's not easy for untrained people to do," says Gillian of Frontline Events.

Frontline events is a Manchester-based sales & marketing company.


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