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Paris' DJ Just Dizle to Jump off International Mix-tape Series - PROVIDENCE

Paris' DJ Just Dizle to Jump off International Mix-tape Series - PROVIDENCE: The Second Coming, Vol. 1: New Jeruz Rapture, During Planet Hip Hop 3, November 9-12th, NJPAC

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/24-7PressRelease/ - NEWARK, NJ, October 16, 2006 - DJ Just Dizle of Paris, France along with French producers and rappers, will collaborate with New Jersey's hottest Hip Hop artists and producers on the first in a series of Mix-CDs that will target the East Coast's Underground in an effort to return to Hip Hop's innovative core.

Dizle and fellow producers will descend upon Newark, NJ November 9-11 for New Jersey's premiere Hip Hop event - Planet Hip Hop 3 at NJPAC. There, he will mix it up during the 4-day event, enlisting New Jersey 's finest with the help of Newark 's Hip Hop ambassador, Black 45, purveyor of the famed Meet the Producers Beat Battles (MTP Jersey).

Planet Hip Hop 3 & the MTP Jersey Beat Battle Championship will be the jump-off for Volume 1 of the PROVIDENCE Mix-CDs. The first CD will be partly recorded in Newark & Paris, merging the best of the two. Subsequent mix-CDs will focus on NYC, Iledelph and other East Coast-breed artists and producers. For Parisian artists it's an opportunity to inspire and be inspired, give respect and get respect and to touch Hip Hop at its core. For East Coast artists, PROVIDENCE will bring to light what's been in the dark for too long.

There was a time when East Coast Hip Hop led the way when it came to cut-throat lyricism, hardcore beats and undeniably raw talent. Making its way around the world in the early 80's, it's cultural influence birthed Hip Hop scenes across the globe. France, the second largest Hip Hop music market after the US, was one that swayed with the East Coast's rhythm of change - easily identifying with the music via the culture.

Today, DJ Just Dizle recognizes that Hip Hop, now a global culture, risks loosing its primary influence. "The thing about 90s Hip Hop was its dynamic nature,' says Dizle. "On one hand you had your hardcore, then you had the Native Tounges. The only difference was the music, because, they all spoke about their roots and their individual realities." And while Hip Hop has overcome some economic, racial, social, and language barriers, Hip Hop's toughest hurdle yet is the industry itself. You see, once its life-blood, the East Coast has been noticeably absent from the scene.

Still innovating, still elevating, still paving the way, the East Coast rapture remains the creative under-current that originally carried Hip Hop around the globe - and that inevitably will take it to the next level.

As DJ Just Dizle makes his way from Europe to North America, his mission is to uncover the East Coast's underground in a way that hasn't been done before and will enlist an army of Paris' fiercest rappers and producers to collaborate with the East Coast's illest in an attempt to shine a light, pay homage and break the industry's blockade on grassroots Hip Hop.

Whether Dizle and his Parisian coverts find the crème de la East Cost in New Jeruz, NYC or some other hidden jewel along Interstate 95, for the East Coast's most underrated, infamous and feared, joining them for the ride will be epic.

If you are one of those whose music remains uncompromised, relentless & next-level, than submit your full-length tracks for consideration for DJ Just Dizle's PROVIDENCE: Hip Hop's Second Coming, Volume 1: New Jeruz Rapture & for submissions for coming mix-CDs - NJ, NYC, PA & CT artists and producers please visit to learn more about the PROVIDENCE Mix CDs, or contact Dahaomine Moody, for more information.

For more about DJ Just Dizle, visit or

Get your tickets today for NJPAC's Planet Hip Hop 3 which will focus on hip-hop artists as activists - artists committed to the artistic, cultural, economic, social, educational, and political concerns of their communities. This intensive four-day event will include performances, film screenings, panel discussions, workshops, and more. For more info visit

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