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Move Over Guys; Make Room for Jayel Gibson A Rising Star in the World of Fantasy Writing

Local female author, Jayel Gibson, gives interview for local book store Far West Books and Gifts. Jayel Gibson has just published her newest book The Wrekening.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - PORT ORFORD, OR, January 08, 2007 - An ad was placed in the local paper stating: Wanted, Authors or Writers to Interview. Catherine Dahrens, owner of Far West Books and Gifts, an on-line based book store, had placed the ad in hopes of meeting some of the local writers. She knew they were out there, somewhere. Within days the ad got results. A local woman by the name of Jayel Gibson said she would love to do an interview. What transpired was an intoxicating, inspiring and informative view into the life and writings of someone we believe will be at the top of the Fantasy book list very soon.

Jayel Gibson was born in California and spent a lot of her youth seeing the world with her military family. When Jayel was a young child, she would listen to her grandmother tell stories of Celtic folklore and fairy tales. These would later influence her writing. Jayel would later create the Ancient Mirrors Tales, a series of books that are about an ancient and mystical world with men, dragons, wizards, sprites and elementals.

Jayel started out reading Nancy Drew books. These were the books that got her hooked on reading. Jayel loved the strong female lead, which she feels is why she writes her own books with a female lead.

Jayel first started to read fantasy with Anne McCaffrey, Piers Anthony and C. J. Cherryh. These are the writers who influenced Jayel. Let us not forget Tolkien. Tolkien pays tribute to Beowulf, which was Jayel's favorite epic poem. She feels that Tolkien created an entire universe and language dealing with elves, orcs and Halflings. All fantasy writers have to have been influenced by Tolkien, according to Jayel.

Imagination is a wonderful thing says Jayel. People read her stories and tell her that the character portraits are just like they imagined the characters. Ancient Mirrors character portraits are available on her web site. Jayel and her artist, Michele-lee Phelan, work together during the creative process to come up with the portraits. What an author perceives is not necessarily what the reader perceives, which is wonderful says Jayel. The tie between author and reader is the best thing about writing. Jayel feels that writing and reading are good for the soul.

Jayel's first published book is The Wrekening, the first of four Ancient Mirror Tales. It is now available at most book stores and online booksellers, at the Ancient Mirrors website ( and at Far West Books and Gifts ( The next book to be released is Dragon Queen, set to come out in the spring of 2007.

We, at Far West Books and Gifts, give a round of applause to Jayel Gibson and wish her much success in achieving her dreams.

Catherine Dahrens is the owner of the on-line book store Far West Books and Gifts. You can contact her at [email protected].

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