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Breast Augmentation Incision Options

Your breast augmentation incision placement is important in determining both visible scarring and the insertion options for your breast implants.

    INDIANAPOLIS, IN, August 26, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Your breast augmentation incision placement is important in determining both visible scarring and the insertion options for your breast implants. During your initial consultation with a breast augmentation surgeon, you should discuss your ultimate aesthetic desires to assist him in determining what option will work best for your lifestyle.

Breast Implant Incision Placement

There are four options for breast augmentation incisions:

- Periareolar incisions are made around your nipple in the dark skin of your areola. These incisions are a popular option because they reduce visible scarring. In addition, this incision allows your plastic surgeon greater control over implant placement. With more control, your surgeon is better able to produce aesthetically pleasing results.

- Inframammary incisions are made underneath your breast in the area where your breast meets your chest. Inframammary incisions hide scars within the natural folds of your breasts, greatly reducing visibility. Like periareolar incisions, this option allows your breast augmentation surgeon greater control over placement, helping ensure pleasing and symmetrical results.

- Trans-axillary incisions are made in the folds of the skin in your underarm. Scars from this type of incision are much more visible when wearing sleeveless dresses or bathing suits. Because the incision is so far removed from the implant placement, producing symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing results is also very difficult with this option. Another disadvantage of this option is if implants need to be replaced, a periareolar or inframammary incision will need to be made, increasing the number of scars your augmentation will produce.

- Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) uses an incision in your navel through which a metal tube is inserted to place and fill your implants. Scarring in the breast area is completely eliminated with this procedure, but visible scarring around your belly button is a common consequence. This method provides your plastic surgeon with the least amount of control over placement, increasing the risk of asymmetrical and uneven results. Like trans-axillary incisions, replacement of implants will require additional incisions to be made as well.

The incision you choose will directly impact your final results. Some scarring is inevitable with breast augmentation, but your clothing preference and lifestyle should help determine where that scarring will be the least noticeable. You also want to make sure your final results are balanced and work to enhance your profile. Choosing an incision option that gives your plastic surgeon greater control over implant placement can help ensure satisfactory results.

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