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Does Advertising Work: In The Modern World Does Constant Advertising Really Work Or Do All Adverts Blend Into Each Other?

Advertising is a big part of our world, from the radio, TV even the clothes that we ware carry adverts on then; but how effective are they. Does advertising work in today's world or has society grown immune to advertising.

    BASINGSTOKE, ENGLAND, September 17, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Advertising is a big part of our society, from the very direct adverts on TV (which we all channel flick to avoid) and radio adverts, to some of the more subtle adverts that go unnoticed (such as sports sponsorship and branded clothing).

The issue is that advertising plays such a major roll in our lives, that does it still work?

Consider where we would be without advertising:

- TV would be more expensive (as advertising pays for much of our programs).
- Radio would probably be subscription (as radio stations are funded by the advertisers).
- Magazines would cost more (much of the cost is covered by the adverts and inserts).
- Clothing would all look the same (clothing brands need people to wear their products).
- Sports would be in a difficult situation as most sports rely on their sponsors (motorsport, football, tennis etc.)

Indeed much of our society revolves around advertising and so many of our lives (and careers in some cases) depend on advertising ticking on and growing.

Anne Richards of Marketing Quotes commented, "Most people believe that they can zone out of being sold to, by channel flicking (for example) they are avoiding the sales pitch. However businesses take this into consideration and do use different advertising tactics to reach their audiences for this very reason."

Advertising takes many forms, from TV advertising which are probably the most impacting form of advertising, to more targeted forms of advertising such as radio advertising which is much more affordable for smaller businesses.

Marcel Blackburn works with some of the advertising companies at Marketing Quotes and commented, "Businesses are becoming very clever with the way they are using different marketing channels for advertising. Some of the TV adverts are so clever and so memorable (either because of the characters in them, the theme music, or humor) that they do their job well."

Many advertising companies are adapting the way they interact with consumers as styles and trends change; this has always been wise as the adverts remain topical and have a stronger impact.

Advertising can be very effective, certainly for well thought out campaigns or catchy adverts (this could be a memorable song, an amusing character etc.) and advertising companies are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to capture consumers attention and make their advert the flavour of the month.

Anne Richards added, "Advertising is in many ways an arms race, many adverts are just watched/listened to and forgotten, but some really stand out and can remain in the subconscious for weeks or months."

Many businesses consider advertising costs an essential part of the business strategy, as advertising and marketing drives the business on to become an established brand and accepted by the target audience.

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