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Easy and Simple Healthy Eating Tips to Survive the Holidays; Greg Martinez DVM and Growing Younger Expert Robin Nielsen Educate the "Whole" Family for Healthy Holiday Eating

A majority of the population gains a significant amount of weight during the holiday season. This is due to holiday parties and office treats. Thanksgiving dinner alone is on average 1200 calories!

    MORGAN HILL, CA, December 09, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A majority of the population gains a significant amount of weight during the holiday season. This is due to holiday parties and office treats. Thanksgiving dinner alone is on average 1200 calories! "There are easy steps you can take to stay healthy during the holidays." says Robin Nielsen, Certified Nutritionist, the Growing Younger expert and Co-Creator of Fabulous in a Box. "There are also weight loss and health tips for your pet also," says Greg Martinez DVM.

- Dine while you wine: if you must drink, drink with food and avoid sugary drinks, then have a glass of water in between drinks

- Schedule strategically: eat at parties around meal time, don't eat extra. Start your meal with a soup and salad and have small portions of the rest

- Visit with people, not the food: take in the entire event: the people, music, decorations while you hang out with the talkers, not the eaters!

- Feed your dog half the kibble it usually gets and mix in canned green beans for a nutritious meal with fewer calories.

- Add pieces of turkey meat, yams, or green beans to your dog's regular food. Whole healthy food is really good for our pets.

- Offer your cat a piece of chicken, turkey, shrimp or fish. They are carnivores and meat is good for them!

What is it that both people and their pets are eating that is causing so many similar chronic ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, skin irritations and obesity? The processed food your family and pets eat may be at the root of the problem. Most people would be amazed to know how much better they would feel including their pet when you both eat a healthier diet!

Greg Martinez, DVM and author of the book The Dog Dish Diet, has figured out that diet plays a huge role in the health of a dog. "Take care of your pet to avoid the vet," says Dr. Greg. "Most dogs seem to thrive on commercial food, however many dogs with moderate to severe itchy skin, chronic ear infections, hotspots, bowel problems, seizures, kidney and bladder problems, and other chronic medical problems may need different and healthier ingredients or a home-cooked diet for their medical condition to improve."

This is exactly what Growing Younger expert, Robin Nielsen, found with her people clients. They lost weight, gained energy, decreased pain and felt younger just by changing their diet. That's when Dr. Greg and Robin decided to join forces - they were teaching the same thing! "What if we taught people how to feed themselves and their dogs so everyone could feel fantastic?"

Local experts Dr. Greg Martinez and the Growing Younger expert, Robin Nielsen have taken their community talks one step further by creating a new video. It shows people how to feed themselves and their dogs simple, whole, real food to feel fabulous. The short video, combined with a little humor, is guaranteed to get people thinking about what they are eating. Time and time again we have heard that dogs cannot eat chocolate for example ... but what about a crock pot chicken? More importantly, did you know that buy purchasing a high end brand pet food you might as well as be purchasing a double whopper from Burger King?

"Eating a whole, real food diet is key to growing younger and staying healthy and fabulous." explains Growing Younger expert Robin Nielsen. "Food is information. It tells our bodies how to function or not."

Both experts have a similar philosophy when it comes to caring for people and animals. Viewers can watch their humorous and educational video at: and can grasp the concept of what a healthy meal looks like and how it can impact the lives of pets and their owners. In fact it's essential to live a disease-free life!

About Greg Martinez, DVM
For more information, please visit:
Dr Martinez graduated from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1980. He is a partner in a thriving small animal practice in Gilroy, California. Since he has found that changes in the diet help many dogs with chronic medical problems, he always advises people to feed their pet a better diet. The need, duration, or number of treatments for medical problems may decrease if nutrition is addressed when treating skin, bowel and ear problems. He was so impressed with the power of healthful eating that he wrote Dog Dish Diet, available on and at

About Nutrition Expert Robin Nielsen
Robin Nielsen Robin Nielsen is the Founder of Juvenescence, LLC, helping her clients to "grow younger." She is a successful entrepreneur, a Certified Nutrition Consultant and an in-demand speaker and educator. She's motivated thousands to improve their health with the right mental and physical fuel for optimum performance in all areas of life. She offers a FUN, holistic approach to achieving optimal performance with a take control of your life perspective and a call to action to live a luscious life. More importantly, her topics bring results and increase personal and professional productivity.

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