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A Guy's Fear of Proposing - Top 10 Reasons

There are lots of guys out there who have their own reasons for putting off the all important question to their special lady: Will you marry me?

    LONDON, ENGLAND, May 04, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Apart from the perennial commitment-phobia, there are lots of guys out there who have their own reasons for putting off the all important question: will you marry me?

So what are the top 10 reasons for a guy being worried about proposing? In no particular order here are some to consider:

1. Loss of freedom.

When we have been used to having our own way, decide when we want to go out and with whom, it can be difficult to adjust to accommodate somebody else's wishes. Many guys fear that the partner they have chosen to spend the rest of their lives with will curtail their freedom to such an extent that life will be less worth living as a result.

2. Will I be able to afford an appropriate Ring?

Many jewellers offer up to three years' interest free credit on their diamond collections, accepting a 10% deposit for the purchase. It is possible to buy an 18ct gold 0.33 ct brilliant cut diamond ring for under GBP800 in the sales.

3. Will she/he like the Ring I've chosen?

Many guys feel a little out of their depth when it comes to choosing such an important piece of jewellery. It is the jeweller's job to advise and steer in the right direction and most of them have so much experience in this field, they will tactfully find out what the intended's taste might be and steer their nervous customer in the right direction.

4. What if the Intended says No?

It may sound a little disheartening, but it is always good to enquire about a returns policy before going ahead with the purchase of an expensive item of jewellery. Most jewellers will give a refund within 14 days of the purchase provided the item is undamaged and still in its original packaging.

5. My Friends don't like the Person I've chosen - am I making a Mistake?

Ultimately, proposing to someone is about two people sharing their lives together, but no man's an island and a healthy relationship needs friends and relatives to function. Friends and relatives, who are supportive of a couple, play a great part in the success of a long-lasting relationship. We should not ignore their advice.

6. Will I lose my Friends?

Friends are an important part of our lives and they typically have known us for longer and better than the intended. Our true friends won't be scared off by our marriage certificate, only the shallow "mates" will scarper. Do we really need them for our happiness?

7. Will the other Person try to change me?

The diamond engagement ring expresses not just how we feel about the other person - it also stands for our commitment and our aspirations. If we feel the need to change the other person, then it is obvious they are not right for us.

8. Am I good enough for her?

A diamond engagement ring like one from the Canadian Ice Platinum range for example is traditionally regarded as a metaphor for our ability to provide financially for the other person to make them feel special and secure. The person has chosen to spend time with us and is committed to being with us for the long-term. The kind of ring we choose will reassure the other person that we have aspirations to always be there for them in every way.

9. Is Marriage going to kill the Romance?

Any relationship needs to be worked at - being married won't change that. Marriage can be fun and romance can be kept alive with occasional treats and gifts such as diamond earrings to match the ring or an eternity ring to say "I still love you after all these years".

10. I hate the Idea of a big Wedding!

Sneak off into the sunset with your intended and marry on a deserted beach with only your best man and matron of honour, if you feel that way - but remember that your intended may have dreamed of this day all her life, so who are you to rob her the most special day of all?

I have recently been married to my beautiful wife and it was a perfect wedding. I looked at many jewellery shops to find a wedding ring that was most appropriate for her and I decided to buy it at Goldsmiths.


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