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If You Think \'Medium\' is Hot, Check Out \'Divine Intervention\'

For those of you who are addicted to the hit TV series \'Medium\' starring Patricia Arquette, you\'ll want to check out the new Divine novel series by Cheryl Kaye Tardif.

    / - Edmonton, Alberta (January 26th, 2005) ~ For those of you who are addicted to the chilling NBC hit TV series 'Medium', starring Patricia Arquette, you'll want to check out the new Divine novel series by Cheryl Kaye Tardif, an award-winning Canadian author who resides in Edmonton, Alberta. Tardif has created a sizzling, psychic mystery series that has been compared to the In Death novels by US best-selling author J.D. Robb, AKA Nora Roberts.

In Divine Intervention, the first in the Divine series, the three leading characters are psychic investigators secretly working for the Canadian government. Agent Jasi McLellan, a Pyro-Psychic haunted by a dead girl, reads the remnants of fires and sees through the eyes of the perpetrator. Agent Natassia Prushenko is a Victim Empath who can see the memories of crime victims - dead or alive. Agent Ben Roberts is a profiler and Psychometric Empath who experiences flashes or brief visions when he is in contact with a person or object. Together, the three agents are a paranormal force to be reckoned with.

Divine Intervention has received rave reviews since its release in September 2004. It has been hailed by Real Estate Weekly reporter, Heather Andrews Miller, as an "excellent suspenseful thriller [that] promises to keep readers engrossed". Christine's Book List calls it "fantastic...a pleasant diversion" and goes on to say "Tardif has created characters whose friendships and romances feel very genuine. She wastes little ink on descriptions that don't enhance the story, and the action right up to the very end is suspenseful." An Amazon reviewer states: "Divine Intervention is a divine treasure!" The series, which is set primarily in Canada, will be an ongoing project for Tardif. The second book, Divine Justice, is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2005 and features the author's hometown of Edmonton.

Cheryl Kaye Tardif, recently nominated for the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Award, was first noticed with the release of her debut novel, Whale Song, in 2003. Whale Song has since captured the interest of a leading Canadian film producer, and Tardif has been hailed as the new "Canadian J.D. Robb" and a "gem in the literary world". She has appeared on Global TV Morning Edition, Shaw TV Edmonton, RDTV, Shaw TV Red Deer and CJSR's Liquid Chatter Talk Radio. She has also been featured in Real Estate Weekly and The Edmonton Examiner, and will be featured in an upcoming issue of Edmonton Woman and Alberta Native News.

The Canadian author is currently looking for an agent, someone she says who is "as driven as I am to succeed". She is also hoping to be published in the near future by one of the larger publishing houses in Canada or the US. The author can be contacted via email at [email protected]. Her website can be viewed at, and she is also featured at and
'Medium' fans, take note: Divine Intervention by Cheryl Kaye Tardif is a psychic phenomenon that you won't want to miss. Tardif's books are available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters.Indigo, and McNally Robinson, and in select bookstores.


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