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KO Inc. Announces Release of Brown Canker Liquid Solution FT-12 for Apple Rots Disease

KO Ltd. is engaged in environmental purification using natural effective microorganisms, promoting to sell chemical-free apples which are produced in Aomori prefecture.

    TOKYO, JAPAN, October 12, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- KO Ltd. is engaged in environmental purification using natural effective microorganisms, promoting to sell chemical-free apples which are produced in Aomori prefecture, and also distributing anti-virus masks which adapted the high technology of Japan.

Especially in the environmental businesses, we developed the product called JOMON bacteria which are synthetic of lactic acid and yeasts that exists naturally. This bacteria is highly effective for dioxin removal, water quality improvement for rivers and dams, odor removal for livestock and garbage disposal facilities, despite harmless to the people. This product serves for various purposes and has the qualification testing certificate issued by the Japanese Government.

Aomori prefecture is the largest apple production place in Japan and has been recognized as Aomori branded worldwide. Apple farmers in Aomori have been suffered from Brown Canker, also known as 'apple cancer'. Once infected, not only the infected tree gets weakened but it is contagious, so the farmers must cut off the infected trees to prevent the diffusion of the disease. There has been no effective treatment until now, so the farmers scraped the infected spot one by one and applied pesticide on each tree to eliminate infection. It has been a great amount of hard work every year, so we have been studying for that we would like to reduce such burden for farmers.

It was after three years of field trials in collaboration with the city of Itayanagi in Aomori, we finally invented the FT-12 anti-brown canker solution. This is made based on the JOMON bacteria, which is used for the environmental purification, to treat the apple brown canker. Because of using the natural bacteria, no adverse effect on humans and the environment are observed. Rather, the active force of the bacteria helps trees and soil get healthier.

This product is simple to use, scratch along the leaf veins to for well penetration and spray FT-12, diluted 1:1 with water, to the infected parts. It only takes 10 minutes to treat one spot of infection, and the rest is to watch the progress after applying.

The Doctor of Agriculture of Hirosaki University in Aomori participated in an on-the-spot investigation and confirmed the effect. It has also been introduced in Aomori newspaper eMutsu Shimpofand eTsugaru Shimpof and newspaper in Nagano eShinano Mainichi Shinbunf.

Brown Canker liquid solution FT-12 is 6,300JPY for 1L and 3,465JPY for 500ml, exclusive of taxes and shipping fee. We will ship all over the world. Please contact us for more details.

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Based in Tokyo, Japan, Amongst the developed countries including Japan, environmental pollution has become a serious issue in exchange for rapid country development. We are making efforts to bring back the natural cure of our nature so that we wonft pass this negative heritage on to the next generation. In recent years, we have put great focus on pesticide-free apples, which is considered particularly difficult in the cultivation of apples. Our chemical-free apple and fresh juice made from that were presented to the Royal family, which proves of the highest quality in Japan. We will ship this chemical-free apples and apple juices all over the world. Please contact us for shipping.

Brown Canker liquid solution FT-12 was invented in Aomori prefecture jointly developed with the City of Itayanagi, the City of Yakima in WA, and Changping in Beijing, which have the sister city relationship in the exchange of agricultural technology in apple industry. It is our wish that this product spreads worldwide and all that it creates peace for all the apple farmers.


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