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Eyewitness Video Shows Santa Claus in Narrow Escape After Reindeer Run Out of Gas

Video shows Santa Claus in narrow escape last Christmas when the reindeer ran out of gas and the sleigh hit a snowbank. According to the reindeer, Santa's sleigh was too small to handle the mountain of toys. Santa Claus has since revamped the sleigh.

    MARIETTA, GA, December 11, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A newly released video reveals that Santa Claus and his reindeer made a miraculous escape last Christmas after the reindeer ran out of gas, forcing Santa's little sleigh to make a forced landing at the North Pole. In the eyewitness video posted on Santa's website, Santa Claus and the reindeer can be seen a little dazed, but unhurt.

Good little girls and boys around the world were initially concerned, but after seeing that Santa Claus and the reindeer were okay, they are breathing a sigh of relief. "Phew!" is on the lips of little ones everywhere. But this may not be the end of the story.

Authorities at the North Pole say the incident was not a total surprise. Santa Claus had apparently had numerous close calls in recent years due to a big increase in the number of good little girls and boys. The ever-growing mountain of toys to deliver was overwhelming Santa's little sleigh and forcing Santa and the reindeer to make more trips every year.

Said Santa Claus, "Back when George Washington was a tyke, my little sleigh held all the toys I needed, but not anymore. For years we've had to make SO many trips back to the North Pole to reload the sleigh! It's been tough for me, but it's been worse for the reindeer." Blitzen agreed. "What can I say? We finally ran out of gas. Well, so to speak, since we run on carrots, not gas.""

In the aftermath of the incident questions were raised about Santa's sleigh. The Sleigh Patrol reportedly came within an eyelash of grounding the little red icon. When Santa Claus was asked about this recently, he was emotional, but realistic. "As much as I love my little sleigh, it had clearly become too small to handle the load by itself. I was in jeopardy of not being able to deliver all the toys, and that just wouldn't do, would it? So the elves and I have been making exciting changes in toy delivery. I will still use my little red sleigh, but now I have something else, too. And it is so cool! It's a secret, but there are some big hints on my website."

In another twist to the story, authorities said the video only exists because of a stroke of luck. By chance, a team of animators was drawing Santa's flight, so they captured everything as it happened. Their exciting 2-minute video can be seen for FREE on Santa's Website at is a FREE, high-quality Santa Claus website created by two grandfathers as a fun, safe place for parents to bring their young children. For further information, please contact us at [email protected].

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Video shows Santa Claus narrow escape last Christmas when reindeer ran out of gas and sleigh hit snowbank. According to reindeer, sleigh was too small for mountain of toys.