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6 Ways to Reclaim Power from the Federal Government

The result of the hotly contested 2012 election seems to have left the country as divided as ever on how to fix the government.

    MILLBORO, VA, January 23, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- According to a CNN/ORC International poll taken shortly before the 2012 election, a majority of Americans believe the federal government is doing too much. Sixty percent say the government should be leaving a lot more to individuals and businesses.

The result of the hotly contested 2012 election seems to have left the country as divided as ever on how to fix the government. Frustration runs so high that a recent USA TODAY/Gallup Poll reported that there is a slim majority of Americans who believe it's time for a third party because the Democratic and Republican parties are doing such a poor job.

"We've suffered through Democrat and Republican leadership for decades, and look where it's gotten us," says P. Matthew Cauley, author of the new book "Unwrecking America: Solving Our Paralyzing Problems Through Grassroots Statesmanship." "The United States is on the verge of losing its superpower status, we're drowning in debt, and our greed and fear have led us to become completely reliant on the federal government. It is a clear definition of a unhealthy system."

In his book Mr. Cauley looks at the current cultural, social, and political climate in the US. He explains why overpopulation, food shortages, energy crises, and Americans' increasing dependence on the federal government all threaten to destroy our waning empire--and looks at what needs to be done to save the country.

"To save ourselves and the country, we must become grassroots statesmen, which means returning to our founding fathers' ideals and rebuilding our society from the ground up as it was intended to be--by and for the people," says Mr. Cauley.

Here are some ways Mr. Cauley believes citizens can reclaim power from the federal government:
* Create a new, centrist view of national management
* Demand our leaders slash social spending
* Replace most members of Congress through term limits
* Restore states' rights through grassroots activism and voting initiatives
* Separate facts from emotional issues that drain our energy and resources
* Set national priorities above individual self-interest

"It is clear that America needs new leadership that promotes smaller government, lower taxes, and eliminating debts," says Mr. Cauley. "It is time to regain the power."

P. Matthew Cauley has farmed and worked for the US Department of Agriculture and in international agriculture for many years. He's been a member of local organizations such as the Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Bath County Republican Committee, and been president of Singing Earth Produce, Inc. and Alternative Investment Strategies of Virginia, LLC. Currently he lives in rural Virginia with his wife, Linda.


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