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Sending Emails Securely Through Microsoft Outlook using PDF

PDF Postman is an add-on to Microsoft Outlook that will secure and encrypt any outgoing emails and files. Using PDF to encrypt messages is simple for recipients, and crosses platforms easily.

    AUDUBON, MN, February 12, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- PDF Postman is an add-on to Microsoft Outlook that will secure and encrypt any outgoing emails and files. It will send out secure, encrypted files and email messages through Microsoft Outlook to any other email recipient who has the correct password. This is a practical add-in for Microsoft Outlook that will help to send out business, private, or personal information securely through email.

There are a variety of different services that can be used to encrypt Microsoft Outlook messages, but PDF Postman gives the recipient a hassle free way to read the emails. That is, if the recipient has a PDF reader. PDF Postman can help a business to meet with the HIPAA compliance while sending out information that won't be easily seen by the wrong recipient. This program is easy for the sender and the email recipient to use and PDF Postman is compatible with some of the major PDF readers, like the Adobe Reader.

The encryptions that PDF Postman uses, AES-256 and AES-128 bit, are approved by NIST to use in the general protection of documents, such as US government documents. The AES encryption is approved by the government. PDF Postman is a secure way to send out emails and it will allow for the recipients to download and edit the files after they have entered the correct password to access email. The user of the PDF Postman program will be able to send out encrypted messages to different platforms such as the Mac, Windows, Mobile Platforms, Linux, and other platforms that are compatible for working with PDF readers. PDF Postman is cross-platform software which will allow for the sender to send emails to different platforms. Using PDF Postman is easy since there are no certificates, private key exchanges, different software, subscriptions, or an extra fee for re-authorization.

When using PDF Postman the process is fairly simple and is easy to learn. First the sender needs to hit the compose message button to open up a new email in Microsoft Outlook. The sender would than want to attach a file, document, picture, etc that they want to send encrypted. Hitting the PDF encrypt button will start up the PDF Postman program to start encrypting the files. After the program has finished encrypting the messages then the sender will be able to send out the email securely. When the email has reached the recipient they would need to type in the password. The sender decides on a password before sending and the recipient will need to type in the correct password in order to have access to the files. After the correct password is entered the recipient will be able to download, view, print, and edit the attachments. This is a secure way of keeping information private and in the hands of the right person.

PDF Postman is a convenient and practical way to send out encrypted emails. This program sends out the emails with an AES-128 bit strong encryption in a PDF format. This encryption will allow for all outgoing mail to be secure. This will allow for a business to send specific and private information to a recipient knowing that the email is strongly encrypted without the need of numerous different special software programs

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