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Gum's the Word for Lasting Dental Beauty

At the root of cosmetic dentistry is ensuring dental health and at the root of dental health is the foundation and source of your teeth: your gums.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - GOLDEN, CO, September 16, 2007 - When we hear the word dental, we think teeth, and teeth are the most visible part of our dental system. We show them when we smile, when we talk, and when we eat, so when we think of cosmetic dentistry, we think of course of things like crowns and tooth whitening. But at the root of cosmetic dentistry is ensuring dental health and at the root of dental health is the foundation and source of your teeth: your gums.

Teeth at Risk

If your gums are not healthy, your teeth are at risk, jeopardizing your smile. Gum disease is the second most common type of dental problem, after cavities. Depending on the severity of the problem, you could suffer

· Bad breath
· Soreness
· Bleeding gums
· Loose teeth
· Tooth loss

With that list of consequences, it is certainly crucial to take your gum health seriously. If you don't, all your work in obtaining and maintaining a perfect smile may prove for naught. The good news is that gum diseases can often be prevented or even reversed.

What You Can Do

First, if you are selecting a cosmetic dentist, make sure you select one that is not simply concerned with the superficial aspects of a brilliant smile, but one that also cares about making that smile last a lifetime. This means not only paying attention to long-term procedures like porcelain crowns, but also emphasizing treatment of your health, including neuromuscular dentistry and gum treatment.

An experienced dentist will be able to properly diagnose the state of your gums and recommend maintenance procedures.

If gum disease is found, your dentist should be prepared to conduct a series of procedures to halt its spread and reverse its adverse effects, depending on the disease's severity.

First, the dentist may conduct scaling and root planing, a procedure for removing the accumulated tartar and plaque from the teeth below the gums. It may take a series of visits to accomplish. If the gum disease is relatively severe, it may be necessary to conduct minor oral surgery to accomplish the necessary cleaning.

If the gum disease is sufficiently advanced, it may cause bone loss in the jaw. A skilled cosmetic dentist will be able replace the lost bone with either bone from another part of your body or a synthetic material.

As always with dental health and beauty, the sooner problems are located and corrected, the less severe and extensive treatments will have to be. Therefore, consider consulting a dentist today.

To learn more about the relationship between gum health and your beautiful smile, please see the website of the Colonial Dental Group, serving the full range of cosmetic dentistry needs of the Chicago area.

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