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September 16, 2007

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Finish out the Year with a Rejuvenating Getaway to Fort Lauderdale; Harbor Beach Marriott Resort & Spa Offers Holiday Resort Credit

2007-09-16 | Celebrate the holidays seaside in Fort Lauderdale with Harbor Beach Marriott Resort and Spa's Holiday Resort Credit Package.

"Chazz Julep" Judged Winner of Official Drink for 2007 ChazzFest by Prestigious Panel, Created by Mixologist Henry Fincke of Renaissance Charleston's Wentworth Grill & Lounge

2007-09-16 | The winner of the "official drink" for ChazzFest, Charleston Music & Heritage Festival winner is the "Chazz Julep" by Henry Fincke of the Renaissance Charleston's Wentworth Grill & Lounge.

Gum's the Word for Lasting Dental Beauty

2007-09-16 | At the root of cosmetic dentistry is ensuring dental health and at the root of dental health is the foundation and source of your teeth: your gums.

Successful Rhinoplasty Surgery - Estimating the Costs

2007-09-16 | Rhinoplasty is a highly specialized procedure, requiring a high degree of artistry and skill, it may command a higher price tag than other routine procedures.

Quest CE to Offer the Financial Service Industry's Most Advanced Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Program

2007-09-16 | Mandated by the USA PATRIOT Act, all registered financial professionals must take an annual training course on the subject of Anti-Money Laundering Regulations. Quest CE has developed a new, state-of-the-art system of registered rep tracking and course delivery.

Tennessee's Best Kept Secret Is Out Causing A Holy Tea Frenzy!

2007-09-16 | Doctor Miller has formulated a tea that folks in Tennessee call "Miracle Tea". The word is out and everyone wants to join the Holy Tea Club... to try this so called miracle tea. offers additional discounts on over 7000 educational ebooks

2007-09-16 | is offering teachers, students, and parents access to over 7000 educational ebooks and digital resources covering all areas including math, reading, language arts, social studies, science, and teacher materials.

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Underfloor Heating Specialists Publish Online Floor Heating Blog

2007-09-16 | A leading online underfloor heating supplier,, announce the publication of their new floor heating blog.

JK Harris launches new and improved website for JK Harris 165 Services, LLC

2007-09-16 | JK Harris 165 Services, LLC has a new and improved website for potential and current clients to browse.

JK Harris offers assistance to Spanish-speaking taxpayers

2007-09-16 | Spanish-speaking taxpayers can get help from JK Harris and Company and speak their native language while doing it.

JK Harris' Peter Hukki Attends Advanced Taxpayer Representation Forum

2007-09-16 | JK Harris Enrolled Agent Peter Hukki attends three-day Taxpayer Representation Forum in Las Vegas.

Considered Sales Updates CRM With New Version

2007-09-16 | Considered Sales CRM gets bumped to version 2.0 with new features and improved functionality.

Tishman kicks off construction of a unique Marketing suite for Sofia Airport Center project.

2007-09-16 | Tishman Management Company has started construction of the Marketing suite for the Sofia Airport Center. The first buildings of the Sofia Airport Center are scheduled for completion in the beginning of next year.