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Are Bloggers Now Able to Earn More Than Doctors? The Answer Will Surprise You

"If you know something that could benefit others you have a moral obligation to share it." An old Chinese proverb that prompted me to write this article to remind people they do not have to settle for a life of struggle or mediocrity.

    TARZANA, CA, March 08, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- You just have to look at the increasing number of daily offers in your inbox to realize the competitive nature of both on-line and off-line businesses. Unfortunately, this level of competition only adds to the confusion and frustration we are faced with when trying to find the ideal home-based opportunity. Who do you believe, who do you trust, is it legit, is it a scam? Our inability to find immediate answers to these questions usually leads to fear, skepticism and ultimately resistance to joining anything - anything except BLOGGING! An increasing number of companies are relying more and more on the use of blogging platforms and bloggers to promote their on- or off-line presence, products or service. With all the technological advancements in today's competitive arena (mobile apps, video marketing and the introduction of Google eye-wear computing in 2014 to name just a few) it is not surprising that companies are no longer depending solely on the traditional website. Okay, so blogging is great for companies but how does it help ordinary people generate the extraordinary income that is currently being reported (anywhere from $30,000-$100,000+ per month). Earnings which far surpass the earnings of most doctors, lawyers and many other corporate professionals.

I believe I have found the answer. The catalyst driving this financial abundance is "Authority Blog Sites" but not all Authority Blog Sites are able to (or even want to) propel financial abundance for its bloggers! I did a little research and chose to base this article on the two companies who scored the highest. I was familiar with both companies prior to my research: The company that I felt had the best business model was EN and the second best was LON. I chose the following 7 criteria to select these two companies over all others that I looked at: (1) company ethics, (2) integrity, (3) compensation plan/earning potential, (4) cost to join, (5) adequacy of training, (6) legal standing/legitimacy and (7) ability to deliver on their promises (based on overall feedback from their affiliates). EN scored 7 out of 7, LON scored 5 out of 7. LON is a new company that has a good solid business model (a business model that is similar to EN's). However, the company has not been in business long enough to publish earnings (it was only launched two weeks ago). I was able to examine and review their business model and participate in their pre-launch. Additionally, I am familiar with the company owner, who happens to be a much respected SEO & software guru with many years experience under his belt. Basic LON membership is $29. On-the-other-hand, EN does publish average earnings of its affiliate bloggers and unlike LON they have been in business long enough to establish a dominant presence on the Internet. Their business model has recently been gaining national attention. Their compensation plan uses a system that maximizes income with minimal sign ups. Let me try to explain it in just a few sentences: Earnings are based on 100% commissions coupled with an ingenious "pass up" system. It is this combination of an unlimited pass-up system and 100% commissions that has allowed the income of their bloggers to exponentially increase to staggering levels and to the acceleration of the speed at which these amounts are reached. Basic EN membership is $25.

Learn how the EN concept was conceived... I think it is safe to say that bloggers are here to stay and the number of people earning more than doctors, lawyers and many other professionals will continue to grow throughout the decade!

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