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New Bumbo Baby Seat Lawsuits Pose Tough Challenge for Manufacturer, Says Law Firm Pulaski & Middleman, L.L.C.

Three recent lawsuits present new challenges for the makers of the Bumbo Baby Sitter, a popular infant chair that are alleged to have caused a number of injuries after babies fell from the seats.

    HOUSTON, TX, March 14, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Three new product liability lawsuits were filed last week in Texas against Bumbo International Trust and Target for children who fell from the Bumbo Baby Sitter and suffered significant head injuries. According to the lawsuit, the Bumbo Baby Sitters, which were sold prior to the August 2012 recall, did not include any type of safety restraint and were being used in manners which were completely consistent with Bumbo's marketing.

Adam Pulaski, a partner at Pulaski & Middleman, a Houston-based, products liability law firm that handles Bumbo Baby Seat Lawsuits stated, "Bumbo doesn't get to have it both ways. They should not be allowed to sell a product by depicting its use on elevated surfaces and tables as safe, and then after children are injured in those situations avoid negligence by pointing to their small-print informational inserts."

Pulaski & Middleman is offering free Bumbo lawsuit case evaluations in the event that a child is injured after falling out of a Bumbo Baby Sitter.

The August 2012 recall of nearly 4 million Bumbo seats states that babies between 3 and 10 months of age are most at risk, and parents and other attending adults should immediately cease using the seats until they have been outfitted with the seatbelt made available in conjunction with the recent recall. In addition to the safety restraint attachment, stickers are also provided warning that the seats should only be used at floor level.

The CPSC has urged, "Even with the belt, the seat should never be used on any raised surface."

Since the recall, Bumbo International changed the name of the product to "Bumbo Floor Seat."

Prior to the recall and name change, the company simply listed the product as the "Bumbo Baby Sitter,", and the product did not include any type of restraining harness or seatbelt. The original packaging also depicted images of unattended babies sitting in Bumbo Baby Sitters on what appeared to many as elevated surfaces. One image showed several babies using the product at a birthday party, sitting on a table, unsecured by any type of restraint. Another photo appeared to depict a mother sitting next to her unsecured baby in a Bumbo Baby Sitter on a table.

While Bumbo's adherence to the 2012 recall was considered voluntary, it was likely not without indignation. An article previously posted on Bumbo's website referred to an earlier 2007 recall of the Bumbo Baby Sitter as "The Lamest Recall in the History of the World".

The CPSC reported that in each case, the injuries resulted both when babies fell from a Bumbo infant seat after it had been placed on an elevated surface above the floor, and also when the seat was being used at floor level. The agency also reported on its website that infants were able to fall from the seats by arching their back, leaning forward or sideways, or rocking back and forth. According to the website, such falls have led to injuries that include skull fractures and concussions.

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