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Which is the Cheapest Flooring - Wood or Vinyl?

Which is the cheapest flooring? Vinyl flooring costs less initially, but wood flooring is an investment that will see a return. Compare the cost of wood flooring and the cost of vinyl flooring over the lifetime of your home.

    WEST YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND, March 22, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Now the answer to this question may seem obvious. The initial cost of wood flooring is a great deal higher than the cost of vinyl flooring - but the answer isn't quite as simple as this, as we will see.

Vinyl flooring is now an extremely popular choice both for homeowners and for high footfall public buildings. It is cost effective, durable and versatile. If fitted well and fully sealed, it is waterproof, wipe-clean and totally washable. Wood flooring, on the other hand, is not waterproof and both spillages and humidity can cause damage. Wood flooring is more difficult to clean, as dust and grime can settle in the natural crevices (a problem vinyl doesn't have), and many cleaning products are unsuitable, as they will strip the wood.

Installation is also much more difficult with hardwood, as it requires a great deal more care and preparation.

Neither flooring types are invincible, and both are susceptible to denting damage from high heels or heavy furniture dragged across the floor. But whereas damaged vinyl flooring needs to be replaced, damaged wood flooring can simply be sanded down and resealed. You can't sand and refinish a vinyl floor!

If you need to work out which is the cheapest flooring, you should consider the cost of flooring over its lifetime.

Good quality, well-laid hardwood flooring can last for generations. Solid hardwood flooring is an investment in your home. As well as outlasting vinyl flooring over many years, hardwood flooring can add a significant amount of value to your home (vinyl adds no value aside from being pleasant and practical). Solid wood flooring is extremely desirable so people will pay a premium for a house with wood flooring in. It feels much warmer underfoot than vinyl and shows quality and attention to detail in a home.

So which is the cheapest flooring, wood or vinyl? The initial cost of vinyl flooring is undeniably much cheaper to buy and install. The cost of wood flooring (especially top quality hardwood) costs significantly more upfront. But if your house is a forever home for your family, or if you intend at some point to sell it and are aiming for premium quality and standard of finish, then buyers will recognise and appreciate your investment in solid wood flooring and will pay a premium for it.


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