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SOBERLINK Launches SLBLUE, an Apple Compatible Alcohol Monitoring Device

SOBERLINK Inc. announces the launch of SLBLUE - a Breathalyzer that can conveniently submit alcohol tests from anywhere in the world, using an Apple device's Wi-Fi or cell connection.

"With SLBLUE, real-time alcohol monitoring can be done from virtually anywhere in the world."

    CYPRESS, CA, November 14, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- SOBERLINK, Inc., the creator of the first handheld Breathalyzer with an embedded camera for remote alcohol monitoring, continues to show prominence in the mobile alcohol monitoring space with their new product, SLBLUE.

SOBERLINK introduced the world's first smartphone Breathalyzer with the SL1 and further improved the product with the second generation, SL2, by including a cell module in the Breathalyzer itself. The "all-in-one" SL2 wirelessly sends breath test results and real time photos directly to a cloud-based monitoring website, using Verizon's Private Network.

The newest product, SLBLUE, was developed in response to the need for cost-effective remote alcohol monitoring that could extend outside of the US or where no cell coverage is available. Instead of a built-in cell module, SLBLUE uses Bluetooth to pair with an Apple iPhone or iPad so an individual can use their existing cell service or Wi-Fi connection to send test results from anywhere in the world.

The SLBLUE (BETA) devices will launch on November 15, 2013 with an official release scheduled for first quarter of 2014. Beta participants will include international pilots and other individuals who need a flexible and convenient way to adhere to a mandated or family alcohol monitoring program.

SLBLUE offers the same discreet and reliable design as the SL2, with a high-resolution camera for identity verification and a professional-grade fuel cell for accurate alcohol measurement.

According to SOBERLINK, Inc. CEO and Founder Brad Keays, "We feel this new offering further separates our brand as the leader in mobile alcohol monitoring technology. SLBLUE offers the individual the convenience of using their own Apple device to comply with their monitoring program, at an even greater value. With SLBLUE, real-time alcohol monitoring can be done from virtually anywhere in the world."

In comparison to the growing amount of personal Breathalyzers on the market, the SOBERLINK devices are designed for a remote alcohol monitoring system that promotes accountability and structure for a person recovering from alcohol addiction.

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Founded in 2010, SOBERLINK, Inc. is the leader in developing innovative mobile alcohol monitoring devices and software to help change behavior and promote accountability for those in recovery. SOBERLINK's initial device, SL1, is the world's first smartphone Breathalyzer. SL2, the second generation device is a cellular Breathalyzer that uses an embedded cell module and camera to transmit the test result and a live photo directly to a monitoring platform. The SLBLUE is an extension to the line of devices and offers an individual the flexibility of complying with an alcohol program by using their iPhone or iPad's existing data plan or Wi-Fi connection to send test results. Call 714-975-7200 or visit to learn more.

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