All Press Releases for March 14, 2014

Dr. David William Epstein is the Founder and CEO of Palmia Corporation


"I could have never done this without the help of Johnny, Bobby Bell, Brad Kern, Michael Neril, John McAlester, Jen Zanto, Bob Jones, Jimmy Consos, Anthony Black, Olivia Clement."

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 14, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- He was inspired to start the company after a trip to Spain in 2010, where he visited Barcelona, Mallorca and Ibiza with friends, where he witnessed people pouring lemonade, Sprite or soda into their beers.

Realizing that it was such a great tasting, day drinking beverage, he approached his friend of 20 years Johnny Metheny, better known as "Johnny Love" in the San Francisco bar scene and spirits industry. After two and a half years of perfecting the beverage, the two launched "Palmia Beer," in September of 2013 in the Marina district of San Francisco. Epstein is also an investor in the popular San Francisco Mexican restaurant, "Tacolicious," as well as has his own Cosmetic and Implant Dental Surgery practice for the last 13 years in Novato, California.

As many startups do, before launching Palmia, he approached several friends, each in a different area of expertise, to join him in his venture. Epstein would put up the capital, and along with Johnny he enlisted an attorney, creative, marketing and technical specialists to which he credits all of its current success.

"I could have never done this without the help of Johnny, Bobby Bell, Brad Kern, Michael Neril, John McAlester, Jen Zanto, Bob Jones, Jimmy Consos, Anthony Black, Olivia Clement." I couldn't have picked a more amazing team to kick off this beverage."

Palmia is now in over 60 restaurants, bars and liquor stores in San Francisco, Marin and Los Angeles. "We have raised initial money and are in the process of raising a larger seed round. I couldn't be happier," remarked Epstein. They just returned from co-sponsoring a small event at the Sundance Film Festival which had such a great response they ran out of beer. "It was kind of a last minute invitation that I got, so I figured why not?" Next year they expect to be a full sponsor of one of the many parties at the festival, as well as South by Southwest and Coachella. In the summer of 2014 they expect to be featured at the famous "Malibu Beach House," where celebrities sip on the coolest beverages and frolic in the ocean.

Epstein's vision is to be the "Skinny Girl of beers," because of its 90 calories, all-natural lemon infused flavoring and beautiful branding and marketing. "I want it to be for everyone to enjoy, but especially for females and males that are health conscious. "We believe that we can bring a refreshing and unique taste of Spain to America."

Born in the Bay Area, he attended Bellarmine College Preparatory High School in San Jose, CA.

He then went on to get his BA in Anthropology and a double minor in Biology and Chemistry at UCSD in La Jolla. After spending six months traveling through Europe, he ended up in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) for 6 months as a volunteer, before leaving to attend the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry at University of the Pacific in San Francisco.

After dental school, in 1997 he moved to San Antonio, Texas to do his residency at the Audie Murphy VA Hospital (University of Texas Health Science Center) where he was trained in Oral Surgery, Implants and Anesthesia. He also participated in "Doctors without Borders" in Mexico where he treated patients with cleft palates and other dental malformities. He goes to Israel every other year to Hadassah Hospital to perform surgery on underprivileged Arabs and Israelis alike. He stated that, "WHEN Palmia goes national or even international, he intends to form a non-profit organization to treat people who do not have dental insurance or are underserved."

In 2000, when he moved back to San Francisco, he took over a Cosmetic, Implant and Reconstructive Dental Practice in Novato, California in which he still practices 4 days a week. He has an associate dentist as well. He is also a clinical instructor at the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni, School of Dentistry.

As of March 1st, 2014, Dr. Epstein was just asked to be the first and only dentist in the United States, to perform "pillar-palatal implants," a procedure he had his Ear Nose and Throat colleague perform on him in 2011 when his girlfriend complained about his snoring. "I knew I would snore but I did NOT think that I had Sleep Apnea." His girlfriend at the time told him she would hear him gasping for air intermittently during the night. He was always waking up exhausted and never fully rested. Since he had the "pillar-palatal implants" placed in his soft palate, he is sleeping and feels refreshed after 6-7 hours of sleep a night.

"It changed my life. I was not going to wear a C-PAP machine," the machine prescribed by physicians to those with sleep apnea. "It's like going to sleep as Darth Vadar! Literally a mask is placed over your nose and mouth to force air down your throat." He is in the process of opening a Sleep Apnea Center in his office and dedicating one day a week to Sleep Apnea only.

"If I can change peoples' lives for the better with a non-invasive non-surgical technique, why wouldn't I? The alternative is wearing a C-PAP or having major reconstructive surgery which puts people out of commission for 2-3 weeks,"remarked Epstein.

When he is not working on Palmia or seeing his patients, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, which includes his parents, sister and niece and cousins. Traveling, golf and helicopter-skiing are on the top of his list of favorite things to do.

Dr. Epstein currently resides in the Marina District of San Francisco.

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