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DocuVantageOnDemand and DocuSign

For enterprise document management and workflow that never gets stagnant.

One of DocuVantage's most powerful differentiators is its team's dedication to innovating and upgrading its service offerings.

    TAMPA, FL, April 01, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For over 25 years, the DocuVantage expert engineers and consultants have assisted businesses with their document management and workflow automation needs. But those 25 years have been far from stagnant. One of DocuVantage's most powerful differentiators is its team's dedication to innovating and upgrading its service offerings. An example of this unswerving quest for advancement is its integration with DocuSign, the leader in eSignature transaction management. This integration enables DocuVantage to provide an even more robust level of process improvement for its clients.

What is DocuSign?
DocuSign is an excellent tool for obtaining electronic signatures on legal documents. Their software allows multiple parties to sign documents without having to print, sign, scan and fax. There is no need to send overnight packages or couriers for signatures - documents are signed in minutes, regardless of the signers' locations.

What's the DocuVantage advantage?
DocuSign does not provide a mechanism for organizations to internally prepare, revise and approve documents before they are sent for signatures. This is because the tool is designed to get completed documents signed; it is not designed for creating the documents.

DocuVantage's document management system is designed to provide clients with the tools to automate the creation, routing, approval and archival of documents before they are signed.

With customized workflow software solutions, you design the process around your unique needs instead of trying to re-invent your business around someone else's software design.

Documents are instantly routed to the appropriate people for review, collaboration, update and approval. With powerful version control, the document management software tracks versions of the documents. This way, people aren't confused by ambiguous file names that are customary of email - or folder-based reviews.

Have you ever experienced that frustration when someone forgets to "turn on" Track Changes in Microsoft Word? With just a click of a button, you're able to compare two versions of the same document. Problem solved; frustration calmed.

So, why sign the dotted line with DocuSign?
One thing that DocuVantage's document control system does not provide is a way for people to sign documents. For this, DocuVantage turned to DocuSign. The integration between the two companies is a powerful one: Once the document is ready for signature in DocuVantage's system, it is automatically uploaded to DocuSign for the execution of those signatures. Once the signatures have been collected DocuVantage automatically brings the document back in for archival.

What's next?
DocuVantage, a company that refuses stagnancy in its products and services, is already looking for ways to improve and expand the DocuSign integration. Currently, this functionality is strictly linked to the DocuVantage workflow process, but the team has exciting enhancements in the works; including the ability to sign documents that are not in a workflow process, submit Word documents without having to convert them to PDF which is a DocuSign requirement, automatically taking the user to the DocuSign interface for configuring signatures, and push notifications, to name a few.

For more information on how DocuVantage OnDemand overhauls your organization's operational efficiency, visit or call 866-367-3467, ext. 1.

Document Advantage Corporation offers an integrated document management solution and business process management solution for every organization or department, regardless of size or industry.

Any document generated can be managed more efficiently through SaaS document management, and protected more securely through effective records management. The ability to scan, revise, store and retrieve documents while sharing or distributing to others who need the information at the same time reduces costs and is more effective in overall workflow automation. Companies are no longer dependent on copying, faxing or mailing physical files. Anyone can locate the information they need within seconds through document management solutions. The resulting savings and benefits are immediate.

The ability of the Electronic Document and rules-based Business Process Management application to integrate with your existing business applications creates a single source of access to mission critical information, and provides your organization with a competitive advantage.

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