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Orthodontic Services-not Just Braces Anymore

Merced orthodontist explains wide variety of orthodontic services available.

Merced orthodontist explains wide variety of orthodontic services available.

    MERCED, CA, May 18, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Orthodontics is the practice of straightening the teeth and jaw to restore ideal alignment. But when it comes to orthodontic services, these extend far beyond traditional metal braces, according to Richard Rowan, DMD, MSD, a dentist practicing in Merced and Mariposa.

"While I certainly employ traditional orthodontic methods at my practice, there are many other options people of all ages can utilize for straightening teeth and aligning bite," says Dr. Rowan.

Dr. Rowan offers a number of orthodontic treatments at his offices. This includes Invisalign clear aligners. These aligners are intended to correct mild to moderate dental alignment concerns and are ideal for patients who may not wish to wear visible braces, but want to straighten their teeth. After taking a mold of your teeth, Dr. Rowan will use Invisalign computer software to determine how your teeth could look after wearing Invisalign. The aligners are meant to be worn during most hours of the day, typically around 23 hours. They can be removed when eating or drinking, which means food particles won't become stuck in our braces.

Another orthodontic technique Dr. Rowan offers is "interceptive orthodontics." This is the practice of anticipating potential orthodontic issues in young people to prevent them from occurring. Examples include preventing dental overcrowding and correcting cross bites or severe overbites. By evaluating young people who are showing early signs of misalignment, Dr. Rowan can recommend treatments, such as tooth extractions, to correct orthodontic issues. Some signs a patient may need interceptive orthodontic treatments include early or late tooth loss, thumb-sucking, jaws that make sounds when opening and closing or disproportioned jaws and teeth.

Dr. Rowan also offers Inman Aligners at his Merced and Mariposa orthodontist's office. This aligner type is one that can align teeth, especially before a dental procedure such as bonding or veneers. The aligner guides the teeth from the front and back, which exerts greater forces in a short time period. A patient will typically wear the Inman Aligner anywhere from 6 to 18 weeks, depending upon the issue that requires correcting.

Of course, Dr. Rowan provides traditional orthodontic treatments through the application of metal braces. These metal braces are able to exert greater forces on your teeth than other treatments, such as Invisalign. In addition to correcting misaligned teeth, Dr. Rowan can also adjust jaw alignment using metal braces for a straight, even smile.

"Careful treatment planning and evaluation is vital to determining the best approach for patients," Dr. Rowan explains. "Having several treatment options on hand and practicing preventive treatments whenever possible can give patients the best outcomes."

Dr. Rowan recommends scheduling an orthodontic evaluation if patients or parents are concerned about possible dental alignment issues. He then uses imaging and careful examination to determine the best course of treatment for Merced and Mariposa orthodontist patients.

For more information on orthodontic services Dr. Rowan offers, please call our Mariposa or Merced offices at (209) 966-4600 (Mariposa) or (209) 384-3223 (Merced). For more information on his offices and services, please visit

About Dr. Richard Rowan:
Dr. Richard Rowan, orthodontist in Merced, CA, immediately began his dental education after graduating with a bachelor's degree in Zoology. After graduating with a Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD) degree, he felt the desire to specialize in orthodontics, so he continued his education. He now offers an array of services, including braces, and Invisalign in Merced, among an array of others. Dr. Rowan comes from a long line of dental professionals, all which practice various dental specialties in the area, with a combined total of over 165 years of service! Dr. Rowan's practice is dedicated to the children, youth and adults of Merced and Mariposa counties with orthodontic needs. He strives to provide quality care at a reasonable cost, always keeping in mind individual service. Every patient at his practice is unique and deserves individualized attention and care.

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