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May 18, 2014

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SpaceX-3 Mission To Return Dragon's Share of Space Station Science

2014-05-18 | The splashdown of SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft on May 18 concludes the company's third contracted resupply mission to the International Space Station, assisting scientists who have investigations returning to Earth complete their analyses.

Why Should You Be Concerned For Your Dental Injury?

2014-05-18 | Dr. Michael V. Bleyzer's Pomona dental practice can handle a patient's dental needs, including emergency dental treatment!

How To Address Obstructive Sleep Apnea And Help Treat Sleepless Nights

2014-05-18 | Dr. Luis A. Alicea from Your Desired Smile dentistry in Tampa, FL discusses the treatment options for obstructive sleep apnea.

Raleigh, NC Pediatricians Launch Interactive Social Network

2014-05-18 | At Carolina Kids Pediatrics, parents can remain connected through Facebook and Twitter.

Columbus Dentist Is Using Social Media To Reach Out To Patients

2014-05-18 | Dr. Edward Smith, a dentist in Columbus, is happy to be utilizing Facebook and Twitter to communicate with his patients.

Dentist In Wayne Provides Treatment For TMJ Pain

2014-05-18 | Dr. Jonathan Stone works with his patients in Wayne to treat TMJ disorders and improve oral health.

Dentist In Flint Eliminates Tooth Infections With Root Canal Therapy

2014-05-18 | Dr. Mildred Tinker offers root canal therapy to patients in Flint, and reassures them that it's not as scary as it sounds.

Danda Dermatology Responds To Web-savvy Patients With Social Media Channels

2014-05-18 | By joining D and A Dermatology's interactive social network, patients experience increased interaction and communication.

Del Rio, TX Family Dentist Offers Dental Care For The Entire Family

2014-05-18 | Dr. Edson Martinez, a family dentist in Del Rio, TX, provides his patients with the best quality dental care for the entire family.

Patient Testimonials For Spine Joint And Pain Center Reinforce Patient Confidence

2014-05-18 | Dr. William Newton and Dr. Brenna Green invite patients to share their experience with Spine Joint and Pain Center with other patients-future and current.

See A Dentist For Time-sensitive Dental Issues

2014-05-18 | Treating dental emergencies and dental decay in a timely manner can save the tooth and oral health.

Southington, CT Dentists Keeps Patients Smiling With Confidence

2014-05-18 | Dr. Neil Salesky and Dr. Michael Resiman, dentists in Southington, CT, help patients maintain dazzling smiles with teeth whitening treatments.

Indianapolis, IN Podiatrist Treats Foot Fungus With Target Laser Treatment

2014-05-18 | Dr. Jeffrey Agricola, Indianapolis podiatrist, enhances patient treatment with the introduction of a target laser for foot fungus removal.

Irving And Stephenson, DDS Offers Patients In Mansfield With Dental Implants For Renewed Smiles

2014-05-18 | Dr. J. Edward Irving and Dr. Lewis Stephenson help improve their patients' smiles with dental implants in Mansfield.

Vermillion General Dentists Use Social Media Channels To Interact With Patients

2014-05-18 | Dr. Richard Knutson and Dr. Matt Knutson, general dentists in Vermillion, are now engaging with patients via leading social media platform-Facebook.

Orthodontic Services-not Just Braces Anymore

2014-05-18 | Merced orthodontist explains wide variety of orthodontic services available.

Teeth Are Essential Tools

2014-05-18 | Andover dentist discusses the benefits of getting a full-mouth restorative treatment for missing teeth.

Dental Team Attends The Star Of The South Dental Convention In 2014

2014-05-18 | Dr. Karisha Lynn Madden and her team attended Star of the South Dental Convention to learn about upcoming dental programs and research.

Fluoridated Water Keeps Cavities At Bay

2014-05-18 | The exposure to fluoridated water helps prevent dental caries.

Naperville Family Dentistry Practice, Dental Pointe, Offers New Patient Special

2014-05-18 | New patients can enjoy $49 introductory special at this family dentistry in Naperville.