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Perfect Smile Tulsa Offers Advice on Habits That May Be Destroying Your Teeth

Your teeth may seem invulnerable, but they can easily be damaged by several habits you may do every day.

    TULSA, OK, May 29, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Everyone knows that eating sweets and not brushing and flossing regularly can hurt your teeth, but did you know that there are many other habits that can harm your teeth? Perfect Smile Tulsa wishes to help you learn about and avoid these habits.

One of the most common bad habits you can have is grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw. According to the Tulsa dentists, your teeth should only touch when you are chewing or swallowing--and they typically should not touch at any other time. If your teeth do touch during the day or while you sleep, you can grind away the surfaces of the teeth and cause sensitivity or worse. Perfect Smile Tulsa encourages you to talk with your dentist if you are grinding your teeth.

Drinking acidic drinks is another way that people unintentionally can harm their teeth. Sodas, wines and juices can erode the minerals from your teeth and leave them vulnerable to attack from bacteria, which will eventually cause decay.

"You should try to cut down on your consumption of these acidic drinks, but you can also help to limit your exposure to acids by drinking with a straw," says Marianne Davis, Director of Marketing for Perfect Smile Tulsa.

Another terrible habit is using your teeth as tools. Many people love to use their teeth to hold objects, tear things, crack nuts and even try to unscrew bottles. Your teeth were not meant to be used in this way, and you can cause severe harm to them over time. Cracking, chipping and fractures can all occur easily if you use your teeth as tools.

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