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Upcoming Online Class From Balance of Power Indicator Study

Turning the tables on high frequency trading.

    SEATTLE, WA, May 29, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- There has been so much talk around the news and social media lately about High Frequency Trading with the promotion of Michael Lewis' book, Flash Boys that is providing an online class starting May 28, 2014 to educate traders, short-term and long-term, on ways to navigate around the front-running High Frequency Trading firms.

Those who invest or trade in the stock market and its derivatives need to know the real role of High Frequency Trading in today's market. And they need to know that they do not have to fall victim to computerized millisecond trading.

HFT firms have been around for several years. They are the reason that Dark Pool transaction systems were sought out in the first place. The largest institutional investors of the market demanded a way to protect themselves from HFTs driving prices up ahead of their orders to accumulate large chunks of stock over time for their mutual and pension funds. We 401K plan holders can all breathe a sigh of relief because of the Dark Pool venues reserved for only qualifying institutions.

Today, High Frequency Trading algorithms work hard to find the quiet accumulation activity hidden during a trading day by the Dark Pools, through which institutional investors buy huge quantities of shares of stock. The HFTs are not always successful at locating where the big institutions are active, and they are always showing up well after the institutions accumulate their large lots of stock because HFTs do not employ technical analysis of daily stock charts with large lot indicators. Dark Pool activity can only be seen from a longer term perspective than most short-term traders are used to since their transactions are not completely reported until the end of the trading day.

TechniTrader takes technical analysis with large lot indicators to the next level by teaching the stock chart patterns that each of the large lot market participant groups create. Understanding the market structure that chart patterns reveal informs better trading decisions. This is a revolutionary approach to making trading and investing decisions. It gives leading signals that allow for the average investor or trader to turn the tables on High Frequency Trading.

On May 28, 2014, TechniTrader's Balance of Power Indicator Study is set to open the eyes of many and chartists to the world of large lot activity. Balance of Power is a leading hybrid indicator written by the extraordinary indicator writer, Don Worden, and is available only in TC2000 and The instructor of the BOP Indicator Study, Martha Stokes CMT, has taken its analysis to places never conceived by the indicator writer through what she calls Relational Analysis . This training course is open to all traders who use TC2000 or for stock price analysis. Get the details on this class and some introductory information on the Balance of Power Indicator at

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