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Spring Cleaning Brings More Than Dust Bunnies to Light

It is that time of year again to shake out the couch covers, sweep out the dirt, and let in the fresh spring air. Barbara Marjanovic does just this as the characters in her latest collection of short stories and poems discover more than just dust bunnies in their attic while spring-cleaning.

    / - March 4, 2005 - It was time once again to shake out the couch covers, sweep out the dust bunnies, and let the fresh spring air in—out with the old, in with the new. Jack and Marg were busily spring cleaning when they stumbled across a neatly bound stack of papers in their attic that had them both in disbelief and the words d jà vu raced through their memories. One year earlier they were cleaning up attic debris left by previous owners when they discovered a similar stack of papers that sent their lives on a downward spiral.

Author Barbara Marjanovic brings fantasy and fear to reality in her novels as showcased in her third publication, Collection II. Barbara invites horror aficionados to embark on a new journey that cleverly combines revenge, death, and deceit.

Collection II reunites readers with Marg and Jack through this second collection of short stories and poems filled with new tales of vampires and dragons, a housewife who decides that enough is enough, and a ghost seeking revenge. Based on human fear of the unknown, Ms. Marjanovic's stories include:

- A young woman encounters a starring, bothersome stranger on a dark city street. She may have kept to herself if fear hadn't caused smart comments to roll off her tongue.

- Constantly nagged by her parents one girl decides to explore the places that she's been warned about in the suburbs of Southern Alberta.

- Exploring the outskirts of her grandmother's backyard in Europe a girl comes across a forest that proved to be enchanted at one time. Curious, she entered....

These are just a few samples of the stories that Ms. Marjanovic has used to create a literary treasure in which the unbelievable somehow becomes believable. Collection II is riveting compilation of stories that will make you think twice about the world around you!
Available from: Ingram, Baker and Taylor and iUniverse, Inc.

Barbara Marjanovic earned a Bachelors Degree in Commerce with a major in accounting from the University of Calgary in 1998. Barbara's lifelong dream was to become a published author, and thanks to the support from her family, this dream became a reality. She is author of Pawn, Collection, and Collection II, and is a devoted member of the Canadian Authors Association and the Writers Guild of Alberta.

Collection II •
ISBN: 0-595-34112-8 • 6 x 9 • Trade Paper • 116 pages • Pub Date: FEB 2005 • $10.95 USD
Available in hard cover and e-book!

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