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Learning as Delicious as a Cup Noodle! Gardening Guide Program 'Qqaer Noodle'

Educational and fun gardening series with workbook and app.

    ANYANG, KOREA, July 09, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Raising plants is a mandatory course for elementary school students. It aims to make children who live in cities realize how precious the nature is and understand the process of plant growing. However, it is not easy to raise plants properly in school environment. Not only do plants need to be taken care of carefully and the right types of planters need to be prepared, it also requires constant encouragement to make children not lose interest.

BreezenBridge's Qqaer Gardening program was created based on this need. With this program children can learn about raising plants in a more efficient and intriguing way.

'Qqaer Noodle' consists of carefully selected plants which are easy to raise for children and a pot shaped like a cup noodle cup, which is familiar to students. Currently six different plants are available in the program: kidney bean, mini tomato, lettuce, radish, carrot and spinach.

The seeds provided in the gardening series show a very high percentage of sprouting, since very clean and rich soil and healthy seeds are selected. There is also a workbook called 'Udangtangtang Qqear Gardening Workbook.' While plants are growing, children can keep track of the growth in the workbook and throughout the process naturally acquire the relevant knowledge they need. This workbook can supplement school assignments and course work.

Qqear Noodle provides one QR code per pot and after tagging the QR code and the confirmation process, users can access their own personal 'Qqear Garden' in their smart phone. Through this app, children can look for some stories in their workbook and also participate in quiz events. It makes the learning experience more approachable and fun, boosting the students' will to engage in raising a plant. Qqear gardening is free of charge and available at Google Play Store.

With a pot in Qqear Noodle, Udangtangtang Qqear Gardening Workbook, and the Qqear Gardening app, it is possible to provide children with an environment to raise a plant and learn about it with more interest.

BreezenBridge plans to diversify Qqear gardening series. Furthermore, they continuously run this campaign to promote the sound use of smartphone 'Smartphone Basket' along with their educational programs. They will try their best to keep developing smart learning tools that are approachable to children.

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