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Rotate and Watch A Video From Any Angle You Want! Multi-view Viewer Application 'NthViewer'

Broad possibilities in many fields; fashion, education, exhibition field etc. Overcoming the limitation of watching 2D content

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    ANYANG, KOREA, August 05, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Arcinteractive Inc. has long been developing its own technology for 3D content. They are famous for their own self-developed technology 'Fusion VR' which gives users the vivid experience of actually walking inside a house or an exhibition hall. The 3D content from Arcinteractive is available both through the web and an application. At the '2014 Busan Motor Show' the company successfully presented the cyber space of the Renault-Samsung pavilion made with 'Fusion VR' technology.

Arcinteractive Inc. will continue to concentrate of developing 3D related content and the new service they are preparing to launch is a multi-view viewer application service 'Nthviewer' which makes the current 2D videos much more real and interactive. A video can be watched from multiple angles. Record a video with several cameras from various views and through Arcinteractive's 3D technology, turn it into multi-view content. All the tests and the registration of patent have already been completed.

Through 'NthViewer' application, watching a video from the front and the side or back becomes possible. When rotating the view, the video moves very smoothly without stopping or cracking, which is the true value of their 3D technology.

With multi-view contents, it is possible to watch choreography, the movement and sequence of exercise and yoga from various angles making it much easier to repeat or learn. Furthermore, the technology also can be used in an online shopping mall helping the customers to check out the clothes models are wearing from multiple views. It can also be utilized in many other fields such as a cyber-museum showing relics in 3D.

Now anybody can record a 4k format or 3D video and upload in Youtube. Once multi-view video becomes a type of video format, many fields including shopping and education etc. are expected to benefit from the technology. It has a lot of possibilities since the multi-view video can be generated through the 'NthViewer' application on smartphone.

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