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An Open Letter to The National Center for Education Research & the National Center for Special Education Research & All Those Involved in Researching American Education Reform - 2

Not only do you need to develop wisdom/EI/brain/parenting courses for parents, teachers and the young students; you also need to develop wisdom education courses/seminars for the old.

We must create a new profession of 'Parenting Inspectors/Instructors' who will go out and assess parenting every three months after birth till Pre-K. Those found wanting must be trained in parenting.

    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, September 06, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Your institutions must create the means to transform each and every student into a wise human being. You can and must change society into a super normal society.

The so called normal society is actually sub normal as 80% of the brains are subnormal. The foundations of the subnormal society are formed through unhealthy parenting and early childhood miseducation.

When upbringing is painful the infant is helpless to escape and so a disconnect with reality occurs and depending on the level of physical and emotional pain the infant starts living an imaginary happy life free of pain; ignoring his current painful reality. When the same infant attends classes he continues to live partly in imagination so the teacher's instructions don't fully register. Instead of trying to heal the child's emotional problems we label such students as failures making their plight worse by ignoring the fact that these students are emotionally unprepared to focus on learning.

Even worse students who can't focus we diagnose as having ADHD thus putting them on pills that create more physical and emotional problems for the child. There can be a host of reasons why many children are unable to focus on learning. It is wrong to categorize them all as having ADHD. For many this diagnosis causes more damage than good. We have to train teachers to figure out what kind of specific teaching solution each student needs. Many do not need ADHD pills, they need emotional healing.

Parents that provide unhealthy upbringing must be identified, informed and given classes to make them into wise parents; so they too can join in correcting their upbringing mistakes.

By the time a child is 6 years old his emotional intelligence is fixed. This means a collaboration between parents and teachers to ensure emotional health is necessary as early as possible. As prevention is the most effective and cheapest way as far as emotional health is concerned every step must be taken to make every child emotionally healthy as early as possible. We must create a new profession of 'Parenting Inspectors/Instructors' who will go out and assess parenting every three months after birth till Pre-K. Those found wanting must be trained in emotionally healthy parenting.

Pre-marriage upbringing/parenting courses must be made compulsory for those applying for a marriage license. Every marriage license must include at least a seminar on emotionally healthy parenting. I have developed this seminar which I will gladly share with you.

Determining upbringing quality requires developing tests for Pre-K infants and parents as early as possible. From baby sitters to daycare staff must also be trained to detect unhealthy parenting and take immediate steps to reverse the situation. Parents must be encouraged to take tests to measure their upbringing skills & those found wanting should be given classes in healthy upbringing/parenting.

Not only do you need to develop wisdom/EI/brain/parenting courses for parents, teachers and the young students you need to develop wisdom education courses/seminars for the old.

Wisdom is now crystal clear. Your institution must go all out for developing wisdom education classes. It is well established that man becomes wise by old age. What happens is that the emotional baggage that blocks wisdom gets ground out over time making the person wise. We can develop therapies that take out the emotional baggage while the student is still young.
You can refine current therapies that make the sub-normal into normal and use the same into making the normal into super normal. I have developed a few new therapies of my own. Self Image Therapy is one of them.

I have developed a hypothesis which states that every mind/brain/self is womb-conditioned and early upbringing conditioned. A healthy upbringing unconditions the mind/brain/self of womb-conditioning; creating a wise child. Wisdom education is about unconditioning the womb-conditioning along with healing the effects of unhealthy parenting.

Several new routes to wisdom can be created; namely through the cultivation of the attributes of wisdom. For instance Pure Happiness seminars will create wisdom, as will Pure Self seminars.

Another area that needs to be focused on is identifying the clear distinctions between the functions of the brain and mind and the relationship between them. I have already done some ground work on this most essential reality and have developed ways to incorporate the brain mind differences into wisdom/EI/brain education.

Also education apps must be developed to create wisdom in adults and the older students on a massive scale. I have the blue print to develop apps on wisdom, love, relationships, happiness, parenting, peace etc. You may consider being my partner in developing these apps.

My first app - Brainfreshness is under development. Here is a synopsis of Brainfreshness:

It is the ignored, neglected and undetected emotional baggage in the brain that is the most common cause of all this emotional and physical tiredness. Even more significant emotional baggage causes emotionally challenged behavior which is the cause of all these ills of society ill. So taking out the emotional baggage will not just remove tiredness; it will make the individuals, groups and even entire countries wise.

The time has come when man must wake up to the cause why it takes decades of struggling with life to become wise. It is well established that man becomes wise by old age. What happens is that gradually over many decades the emotional baggage in the brain gets ground out making the brain wise. Why struggle all these years when one can enjoy being wise by taking the emotional baggage out now. And it is much easier to heal the emotionally challenged brains as early as possible.

In life many times it happens that one knows one's self for the first time. As the layers of emotional baggage are removed the very self changes and edges more and more towards wisdom generating a newer and newer more wise self. We can speed up this process with this app.

Does one want to struggle till the last years of one's life without wisdom/pure-happiness? Or should one take the steps to become wise now and enjoy the effortless pleasures of being a natural at the art of living?

Brainfreshness introduces this original system/concept of separating the brain and mind and using each to heal the other. Not only does separating the brain and mind make this app uniquely effective and original it makes each and every other self-improvement app more effective. Instead of the self observing the self of other apps it uses the brain and mind to observe each other, thus improving all other self-improvement apps.

Brainfreshness enables experiencing life through the brain first hand in pure emotions (while the mind is resting).

Most of mankind is over worked & tired. Brainfreshness teaches how to rest the mind and brain separately & together.

Brainfreshness is the next generation mindfulness that grinds out the emotional baggage by making use of the difference between brain & mind.

The majority of mankind struggles for many decades before becoming free of their emotional baggage and most people struggling with emotionally challenged brains don't even know the cause of their problem. This app removes emotional and physical tiredness by removing the emotional baggage from the self.

This app enables life to be enjoyed effortlessly in pure emotions/pleasure without the mind commenting on, describing & reliving the brain experience in words.

This (coming) app creates deep effortless rest, relaxation & happiness and above all makes the person wise.

The dream of Socrates and Aristotle of making everyone wise is within reach. Wisdom is super mature emotional intelligence; which manifests itself as selflessness. Wisdom is selflessness; which can be created by removing the emotional baggage generated selfishness from the brain. We must create selflessness education for PreK-12 & beyond.

I have already done much of the ground work and I can share all my work with you. With your resources we can together take the steps of creating wisdom/brain/EI/parenting/upbringing courses and seminars for the young and the old.

The 4th R Foundation is a non-profit education research foundation that researches informal/emotional intelligence education, human nature, brain, mind, conscientiousness, self, wisdom, life coaching, adult reeducation, shyness, self image, emotional baggage, education for life, art of living and brain education etc.

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