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CareConnectors Launches PatientGraph Platform for Healthcare Data - Seamless Data Exchange for Mobile Healthcare Application and Device Developers

PatientGraph Platform enables mobile applications and devices to share and exchange healthcare data with multiple electronic medical records systems through one interface.

Instead of developers trying to integrate with over 1,000 different EMRs, we provide a unified data exchange interface that lets developers focus on their products instead of becoming EMR integrators.

    REDWOOD CITY, CA, September 08, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- CareConnectorsTM, developers of the PatientGraphTM Platform, today announced a new set of software tools and services that provide mobile health application developers with a unified healthcare data sharing and exchange interface to enable faster time to market.

The Apple iOS8 launch scheduled for September 9th is expected to expand healthcare-related mobile device functionality, including support for wearable devices and healthcare applications. Developers building medical, health and fitness apps for the Apple iOS8 platform need to insure that health data, often referred to as Protected Health Information (PHI), is transported, shared, exchanged and stored in compliance with the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA) of 1996.

Developers will be able to use PatientGraph software tools that work with iOS8/HealthKit applications and devices to enable PatientGraph services that transport, share and exchange sensitive medical data (PHI) in a secure and HIPAA compliant manner. In addition, medical data can be exchanged through PatientGraph with the leading electronic medical records (EMR) systems through one secure, compliant interface.

"With iOS8 and HealthKit arriving from Apple, device and application developers will have new options for addressing the top chronic care issues of today - asthma, diabetes and heart failure," explained Dr. Sanjay Patil, founder and CEO of CareConnectors. "Instead of app developers trying to integrate with over 1,000 different EMRs with varying implementations of each EMR at different healthcare providers, we are providing a unified data exchange interface that lets developers focus on their products instead of becoming EMR integrators. By facilitating communication between the eco-system of mobile apps with enterprise EMRs, we help healthcare systems and their providers to leverage their EMR investment to improve outcomes and reduce costs in managing chronic disease and wellness programs. Our PatientGraph API avoids the need for developers to become familiar with HL7, complex APIs or data models for each EMR."

TrueVault, an early beta user of the PatientGraph tools, is using the PatientGraph platform to enable customers using TrueVault for secure health data storage to enable healthcare providers, patients and trusted third-parties to exchange data seamlessly using TrueVault's HIPAA compliant data storage and security service. "Developers are racing to build new apps for consumers that track things like sleep cycles, calories burned and blood-sugar levels," explained Jason Wang, founder and CEO of TrueVault. "But that data becomes much more valuable when it can be shared between patients and healthcare providers. That sharing requires a HIPAA compliant and secure data exchange. With TrueVault's new iOS SDK and PatientGraph, developers can build HIPAA compliant apps that share data with existing healthcare systems without having to write lots of time-consuming custom code."

About CareConnectors, Inc.

CareConnectors delivers seamless healthcare data exchange for patients, providers, developers and enterprises through its PatientGraph Platform plus related SDKs and APIs. Customers using the PatientGraph Platform are able to exchange traditional and non-traditional healthcare data in a secure, HIPAA compliant eco-system, including support for the workflow used by healthcare providers every day. CareConnectors is a privately funded company based in Redwood City, CA. Learn more at or follow us at @CareConnects.

About TrueVault

TrueVault is the first company to make HIPAA compliance easy for healthcare applications. A VC-backed company based in San Francisco, TrueVault provides a secure API to store health data. Hundreds of web app, mobile app, and wearables developers rely on TrueVault to ensure that their healthcare applications are secure and HIPAA compliant. Learn more at, or follow us at @TrueVault.

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CareConnectors: Enabling the PatientGraph

CareConnectors: Enabling the Patient Graph