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O'Connor Marketing's Guide to Attention-Grabbing Marketing

In today's saturated and competitive market, it's integral for businesses to market their products or services effectively, to ensure they have an impact on consumers. O'Connor Marketing offers their valuable guide to attention-grabbing marketing.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, October 08, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- O'Connor Marketing points out that it doesn't matter which type of marketing it is, whether it is TV, radio, social media or any other form of marketing, the job is the same, to get and keep the consumers' attention. The firm says that it's not enough to create communications that contain the exact message the brand wants to send, those messages have to be read, heard or seen. O'Connor Marketing believes that understanding what affects consumers' attention when it comes to marketing will determine whether a brand's marketing campaign succeeds or fails.

To help businesses understand the factors they must consider when marketing their products to consumers, O'Connor Marketing has put together a guide highlighting the crucial elements they think marketing campaigns should have:

Consumers are more likely to pay attention to the brand's communications if it makes the message relevant to them. The most successful marketers sell the benefits of their products, rather than the features. Talk about the customers' needs, rather than about the brand. Depending on what the product's unique selling point is, advertise the benefits, rather than how many years the firm has been in business.

Anyone can create an ad that says their products is the best but consumers can't be fooled. They want to know they will get what they pay for and offering reassurance is the best way to get their attention. This could be done by using a credible expert or celebrity to endorse the product. List the brand's qualifications or awards after the potential prospects' attention has been caught by the product's benefits.

Marketers have to compete with other advertisers for space in magazines, newspapers or on radio and TV stations. The headline needs to grab the consumers' attention or they will tune out what follows or not bother to carry on reading. Start all ads with a question that consumers will want to hear answered or by demonstrating a familiar problem. Resist the temptation to use the name of the business in the headline.

Depending on how they are used, photos, illustrations and typography can either make print messages interesting or just difficult to read. Use basic layout techniques to avoid this and make the message easy to follow or the consumer will stop reading after a line or two. Don't use italics or reverse type in body copy and avoid using all capitals in a headline because this make the letters blend together. Use a large image to get their attention long enough to look at the headline. O'Connor Marketing also recommends using 'an inverted six layout' this means starting with the most important element at the top left, then move the elements, in order of importance to the right and down, coming back around and finishing at the bottom left-hand side.

Website Graphics
If a page has lots of videos and animation it will take longer to load and this may alienate Internet surfers who want quick information. Avoid using blinking text, which distracts visitors when they are trying to concentrate on another text block. Place the most important information in the main viewing area of a screen so that users don't have to scroll to find it. Break up large amounts of text into different pages that are easy to find so that readers do not have to keep scrolling to look for information.

O'Connor Marketing is an outsourced sales and direct marketing company. The firm specialize in face-to-face marketing techniques which allow them to create long-lasting and personal bonds between their client and the consumer, which in turn improves their clients' customer acquisition, brand loyalty and brand awareness. O'Connor marketing believes that their biggest asset is that they interact with customers personally, which makes it easier to adapt their personality, their pitch and their approach to a specific type of consumer. This personalized approach grabs the consumers' attention and keeps them interested in what the firm has to say.

About O'Connor Marketing:

O'Connor Marketing is a direct sales and marketing company specialising in face-to-face customer acquisition. The firm delivers a high ROI and improves sales using direct marketing techniques.

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