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AIM Marketing Acquisitions: Why Direct Marketing is Still Relevant in a Digital Age

Although direct marketing companies primarily focus on non-digital forms of communication, AIM Marketing Acquisitions looks at why direct marketing is still relevant in a digital age.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, October 08, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Direct marketing is effective because it is one of the cheapest and most successful forms of marketing. Direct marketing is one of the most efficient ways to engage with customers and to learn from them. AIM Marketing Acquisitions believes that this marketing form is still as successful and effective as ever despite the rise of digital technology and communication.

AIM Marketing Acquisitions says that although digital communications can be speedy, customers still enjoy direct marketing techniques because of how personalized the service can be. Direct marketing allows for businesses to really get to know their customers and this means they can offer a more personalized service through techniques such as face-to-face marketing and direct mail.

AIM Marketing Acquisitions believes that direct marketing still stands out amongst digital competitors for these reasons:

High Conversion Rates
Despite the commonness of email, a huge proportion of what arrives in the average inbox is considered 'junk mail'. It is either caught automatically by a spam filter, meaning it never makes it to the inbox, or simply never read and deleted by the recipient. Direct mail has a distinctive advantage here, as the right envelope and a well-presented address will almost always guarantee that the recipient opens it. As long as the message inside is engaging and concise, there is a great chance the recipient will perform the desired action the letter was designed for.

Almost any type of marketing campaign can be conducted with the use of direct marketing. For example if the company is new, direct marketing can be used to generate a quick revenue stream. But for businesses that have been around longer, direct marketing campaigns can provoke interest and direct engagement from target customers.

If a marketing campaign relies solely on digital media, it can be very difficult to track the results. While the business may see a rise in demand for the product, identifying what led to this can be tricky if using several media streams at the same time. Direct marketing is easily measureable and responses can be tracked with a high level of accuracy.

AIM Marketing Acquisitions is an outsourced sales and direct marketing company that specializes in generating a high ROI for their clients. This is done by using face-to-face marketing techniques to create personal and long-lasting relationships, improve customer acquisitions, brand loyalty and brand awareness. AIM Marketing Acquisitions chooses to use direct marketing techniques because they believe them to be the most successful and personalized.

About AIM Marketing Acquisitions:

AIM Marketing Acquisitions is a sales and marketing firm that specialises in face-to-face marketing in order to deliver a high return on investment and improve sales.

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