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AusCorp Connect Pty's 'Get to Know Your Customers for Free' Guide

Knowing and understanding customers is paramount for a business claims AusCorp Connect Pty. The outsourced sales and marketing firm reveal their must-read guide for start-ups on how to gain valuable customer insights without spending a penny.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, October 08, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For any business, no matter what size, it's vital to have a clear and current understanding of the target consumer. There is a constant wave of factors that can affect a business's sales and lead to a drop in consumers. Market trends, consumer needs and shifts in the economy can all have a negative effect on businesses and stunt a brands' growth. Sales and marketing firm Auscorp Connect Pty believes these factors can easily be avoided if a business takes the time and measures to get to know their customers. By understanding consumer needs and actively seeking out customer feedback, businesses can stay ahead of consumer trends and adapt their product and services to meet the changing needs of their demographic.

As a highly customer centric business, Auscorp Connect Pty have first-hand experience when it comes to connecting with consumers and finding new and innovative ways to meet their needs. The firm use direct, face to face marketing techniques to help their clients build stronger customer relationships, meeting with consumers on behalf of their clients and developing a positive relationship between client and consumer. Taking the time to get to know customers on a deeper, more meaningful level has not only allowed Auscorp Connect Pty's clients to boost their customer acquisition and retention rates, it has led to their clients gaining a better understanding of their customers as individuals, which has provided them with the opportunity to personalize the customer experience.

With many small businesses and start-ups on tighter budgets than ever before, AusCorp Connect Pty understands the financial burdens these businesses are already under. Therefore, the firm are offering the following 'get to know your customers for free' guide.

Ask Everyone
It's when businesses start to presume customers' buying habits that mistakes are made. Auscorp Connect Pty believe the secret to success is to ask anyone and everyone about their habits, opinions and experiences to gain a broad view of what the customer really wants, what's currently available, and what could be done differently. It may not seem like it, but conversations like these can be valuable free market research that could really help to establish a strong business model.

Ask the Customers
After asking a wide demographic, it's then a good idea for businesses to ask existing customers. Surprisingly, this can be done cost effectively. Free online surveys and social media platforms are a popular way for businesses to gain a large volume of honest feedback, whilst putting the leg work in and meeting with customers in person can collect great feedback and create a positive and caring brand reputation. By asking customers for their opinions, businesses will soon be able to identify common themes and issues that can then be addressed quickly.

Reality Check
Auscorp Connect Pty believes that although feedback is important, businesses should be aware that some customers may be telling them what they think they want to hear. The firm urge businesses to weigh up feedback against real data and activity.

Don't Limit the Target Market
When a business develops a product, it's only natural to have a target customer in mind, however Auscorp Connect Pty believe it's important for businesses to not limit themselves by only appealing to a very small demographic. The firm believe that many businesses will often find that their product or services have a wider more diverse appeal than first thought, and it's important to market to the needs of all consumers rather than just the original group.

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