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Healing Paper, a Medical Service Application for the Patient with Chronic Disease Developed by Medical Student

Healing Paper is a peace maker for patients with a chronic disease.

    SEOUL, KOREA, October 28, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- There are many online or offline wellness services for healthy people. However, there are not enough professional services for patients with chronic diseases who need continuous treatment and care. Especially, for some patients who are suffering from certain diseases, taking medication on time correctly can decide the result of the treatment. According to some researchers, only 50% of patients with chronic diseases are said to take medication properly.

(Above image: The screen of the App Healing Paper for the patients with the representative habitual diseases diabetes and high blood pressure)

Healing Paper is a treatment management app created by medical professionals. It provides a service for patients who are suffering from diseases that need resistant care such as thyroid gland related diseases, diabetes or high blood pressure etc. and the patients' family and doctors also can benefit from the service.

"My aim is not building a company that looks luxurious. Providing a service that patients really need is what I aim for.", the CEO Hong Seung-il who is now introducing Healing Paper said.

CEO Hone Seung-il is now a 4th grade graduate student in Yonsei University's medical department. He studied chemistry as an undergraduate major and he was really into computing. So after entering medical graduate school, he has been creating and running a community website for his medical graduate school called 'Medwide' and has also been in charge of renewing a website for an anatomy class. And his interest in combining IT and medical science led him to produce Healing Paper.

"Chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure are not treated just by one or two treatments or surgeries, instead they need lifelong care. It is like a marathon," CEO Hong Seung-il said.

For an effective treatment, the amount of medicine patients need should be adjusted depending on their diet or the amount of exercise. As more and more related devices are being developed, it will become much easier for patients to keep track of their status with data. However, more sophisticated functions like interpreting the data effectively and giving important notice or signs to patients and managing their treatment are desperately needed.

(Above image: The screen of Healing Paper application for the patients with panic attack.)

Healing paper released the service for thyroid gland related patients in February 2014 and now they are developing services specialized for diabetes and high blood pressure. This application has necessary functions for the patients with these type of diseases providing a very intuitive and convenient UX/UI based tool that helps in managing blood sugar, diet, exercise, various body index. Furthermore, they made it possible for the patients with special symptoms like panic or anxiety attacks to access and purchase the service.

Healing Paper ( was co-established by Yonsei medical graduate school students Hong Seung-il and Park Gi-beom. They were funded for their research and development from both Small and Medium Business Administration's Startup supporting project and National IT Industry Promotion Agency's innovation center.

To go the road not taken, confidence and the support from around are essential. In that regard, Healing Paper, which is going to act as a bridge between doctors and patients is very much anticipated.

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