All Press Releases for October 28, 2014

Bullets 4 Peace Founder, Rafi Anteby, Announces the Reloading Life Foundation and Their First Cause "The Peace Warriors Project"

Bullets 4 Peace Finalizes Commitment to Action at the Clinton Global Initiative: Supporting Conflict Resolution and Tolerance Amongst Youth.

I was very sick as a kid. I had severe asthma and eczema and was bullied a lot because of it. Martial arts gave me the confidence to stand up for myself. -[b]Bas Rutten[/b]

    LOS ANGELES, CA, October 28, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- During the Clinton Global Initiative's (CGI) 10th Annual Meeting in New York City, international jewelry company, Bullets 4 Peace and its Founder, Rafi Anteby announced the Reloading Life Foundation and their first program, The Peace Warriors Project (PWP). PWP is the Reloading Life Foundation's first initiative and their official Commitment to Action, in conjunction with CGI. This initiative aims to promote peace and tolerance across the world through martial arts.

Martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. With 16 million+ viewers, televised MMA and UFC events are surpassed only by the Super Bowl and the World Series. However, Martial arts is more than just a popular sport, its teachings not only promote fitness, but mental and spiritual development as well. It is these core values that The Peace Warriors Project aims to teach its young students (ages 6-16) through the program.

"Our goal is to reduce street violence and bullying while building confidence, tolerance and respect in our youth. This is already a large part of the marital arts' code of teachings, but through our initiative we are asking the teachers to put an extra effort to this issue" says, Bullets for Peace Founder, Rafi Anteby.

Capitalizing on the popularity of MMA, The Peace Warriors Project will use martial arts as the vehicle for teaching youth across the globe about the effects of violence and the benefits of peace, tolerance and cooperation. The initiative will have outreach and "in-reach" programs.

The outreach program will provide martial arts instructors and classes for the youth in areas of conflict and low income. PWP will arrange for sponsorships to cover costs and equipment as well as provide peace and tolerance teachings to be handed out and studied by the students each month. The "in-reach" program will add weekly classes to already existing martial arts studios for current students. They will follow the same Peace Warriors Project guidelines. Both programs will be launched concurrently.

With the help and support of legendary MMA fighter Bas Rutten, The Peace Warriors Project aims to establish one outreach and/or "in reach" location and implement the PWP program on each continent by the end of the first year. The initial target countries are South Africa, Israel and the United States, with the goal of directly reaching 500 children.

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About Rafi Anteby:
Mr. Anteby holds world titles in martial arts and is best known for his jewelry company called Bullets 4 Peace. Rafi Anteby is an artist, he uses his fashion, painting, photography and other arts to promote peace and the love of nature. Rafi intends to use art, support from his celebrity friends as well as his martial expertise to further his Reloading Life Foundation and The Peace Warrior Project with the help and support of Bill Clinton and CGI.

About Bullets 4 Peace:
Bullets 4 Peace converts old bullet shells, gathered from the streets and war zones into attractive pendants with a message of peace and compassion. Bullets 4 Peace has garnered popularity for its philanthropic ventures, especially amongst the "who's who" of Hollywood including, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Bruno Mars, Chris Noth, Jamie Foxx, Beyonce and many more.

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