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Dr. Carson Michael Releases "Exorcism: A Christian Manual" - Definitive Guidebook to Performing Effective Exorcisms

New Resource Guide Explores The Concept of Exorcism With Effective How To Guide and Supporting Evidence Concerning Their Validity and Effectiveness

They don't use magic, incantations or rituals to command a demon to leave its physical host. True belief in the power of God is what Christians use to cleanse a person suffering from demonic influence

    TALLAHASSEE, FL, November 15, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dr. Carson Michael, published author and psychologist, has just released a step-by-step guidebook for exorcising demons and performing deliverance ministry. With over 20 years of hands-on experience performing and assisting in more than 200 exorcism related events, Doctor Michael has first-hand knowledge of the existence and exorcism of demons. He stated that, "I only wish I had a manual to guide me through the many difficult times," in reference to his early calling into the exorcism and deliverance ministry.

"Exorcism: A Christian Manual" was created as a complete guide to assist Christians in identifying individuals dealing with demonic related issues, preparing them for an exorcism or deliverance, and then conducting a successful cleansing of the demon or demons that are oppressing that person. The book begins with an introduction by Doctor Michael, where he describes his calling to the exorcism ministry and the early trying days when he worked diligently to help assist many troubled people.

Of special interest is the first chapter, entitled "A Profile of Demons". Doctor Michael points out that demons are acknowledged in every major religion. He goes on to illustrate that Christian exorcisms differ from many others in one important point. They do not use "magic, incantations or rituals" to command a demon to leave its physical host. Rather, true belief in the power of God is what Christians can use to cleanse a person suffering from demonic influence or possession.

The second chapter of this exorcism guidebook explains exactly how demons enter men and women, as well as why they take are able to assert influence. Assessment and preparation is also covered, as well as how to decide whether an exorcism is the best course of action to take. "Exorcism: A Christian Manual" also contains a list of demons encountered in modern-day life. The procedures for actually conducting an effective exorcism are laid out step by step, and there is also an enlightening chapter on why some exorcisms fail, and how to keep this from happening.

Doctor Carson Michael has previously published 3 books concerning demonology, dream interpretation and understanding God's voice clearly. "Demonology: Possession, Exorcism and the Kingdom of Darkness" makes a great companion piece to this newly released book, and the "Christian Handbook on Dream Interpretation" helps Christians understand that their dreams are often God speaking to them. "Taking The Psychology Out Of Prophecy" was published to help identify psychological traps that may be keeping you from hearing God's voice clearly.

As Dr. Carson explains in his introduction, disbelievers and naysayers quickly attack what they do not understand. To that point, "Exorcism: A Christian Manual" acts as an informational and educational how-to guide to assist those called to the exorcism ministry, and makes for excellent read for all Christians.

Dr. Carson Michael is a licensed psychologist and expert in the field of demonology. He has participated in a large number of exorcism and deliverance events, and is very knowledgeable concerning the spiritual and psychological impact that demonic issues carry with them. He has published four books total, all from a Christian perspective, and all targeting a combination of spiritual and psychological topics that are critical to the lives of both Christians and non-Christians.

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