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CJ Acquisitions' Guide to Applying Real Time Marketing Methods

CJ Acquisitions offer their insightful guide to new marketers about how to apply real time marketing, a technique which is integral to the generating customer relationships.

    PHOENIX, AZ, November 22, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- There once was a time when marketers could simply generate a campaign, distribute it across a large demographic and watch the consumers flood in. However, in today's competitive markets this approach is failing to get consumers excited. With so many similar products and services available to consumers marketers are having to work twice as hard to express why their products are the best. Consumer needs are also constantly evolving, and in order to stay relevant businesses now have to look at ways in which to connect with consumers in order to ensure their products meet these changing needs. Sales and Marketing firm CJ Acquisitions believe that many businesses could benefit from applying real time marketing techniques in order to connect to consumers and gain a deeper understanding of their varied needs. Real time marketing relies on actively collecting consumer data, in the form of consumer research and feedback and using it to adapt and improve a business' products and approaches. Real time marketing also allows businesses to access up to the minute data on performance and sales activity which helps business to identify areas that need improvement as well as allowing them to set more realistic goals and targets.

CJ Acquisitions is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Arizona. The firm specialise in utilising direct marketing techniques in order to achieve the best possible results for their clients. The firm meet with customers directly and through one on one interactions, help their clients to build a clearer picture of their target audience. The firm rely heavily on real time marketing and use customer interactions as a means to understand and meet individual consumer needs. The firm also collate real time data for their clients to help assess the success of their campaigns, and identify and prepare for any potential changes in market trends.

The firm believe that by incorporating real time marketing techniques into their marketing approaches, businesses will be better equipped for future growth and longevity. In today's competitive market, being able to adapt quickly is vital and real time marketing allows businesses to change with their consumers and remain relevant. To help businesses implement a real time strategy, CJ Acquisitions have offered the following advice.

Data - For many businesses, getting data isn't an issue, it's how they utilise the tools available to them that's the problem. Businesses should train and set goals in order to convey to their workforce how changing their approaches to collecting data could improve the customer experience and boost the business.

Real Time Dashboard - By allowing a workforce to view real time results, a business can help them to set realistic goals and motivate their workers by providing them with the opportunity to see the impact of their hard work.

Communications - there's no point planning communications in advance, as much of the content within sales scripts and emails won't be relevant by the time the communication rolls out. Businesses should instead provide a customizable template that allows workers to adapt them as and when results and consumer insights dictate.

Pre-planning - Real time marketing doesn't mean businesses must turn their back on planning. No matter how much a business focuses on real time it's still important to have a plan in place, even if it is just bare bones that can be customized at a later date. Pre-planning in this way allows a business to learn how to think on their feet, and apply more strategic efforts to their marketing processes.

About CJ Acquisitions:

CJ Acquisitions is a Phoenix-based direct marketing company that specializes in face-to-face marketing in order to generate a high ROI.

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