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It is essential for our leaders to wake up to the solution for most of the mess in society. All this mess of individuals & groups can be traced to not understanding happiness & not being able to create pure happiness on a massive scale.

I am providing the missing gaps in knowledge that are essential for making the world wise but our education leaders are too busy in their own spin to take notice; let alone take action.

    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, January 19, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It is extremely urgent for our leaders to wake up to the solution for most of the mess in society; if we are going to fix the failures of governments, groups and individuals. In fact all the destructive behavior of individuals; as well as groups can be traced to not understanding happiness and not being able to create a pure happiness society/world.

Pure happiness is an indication of being emotionally healthy. It is an effortless expression of the pure self. Pure happiness is generated by healthy biochemical reactions that are produced by an emotionally healthy brain/mind. Pure happiness is the litmus test of being wise.

Pure happiness is the fragrance/symptom of an emotionally healthy brain. Pure happiness is a secondary entity. It cannot be cultivated on its own; no wonder trying to be happy is always such a struggle and one hardly succeeds in trying to be happy. When the brain is wired to produce unhappiness then it cannot be coaxed or taught to be happy. It is almost like trying to get a nitrogen producing machine to produce oxygen.

Toxic unhappiness, recognizable through depression, drug addictions, sleeplessness, greed, hate, restlessness, tiredness, tenseness, corruption, crime etc.; all boils down to emotionally challenged behavior and is the root cause of all the man made ills of society.

It is the emotional baggage that generates toxic biochemicals that cause toxic unhappiness. Toxic unhappiness is the litmus test of being ignorant/unwise. Wherever there is pure happiness there is wisdom; thus by creating/ensuring pure happiness we will be creating/ensuring wisdom. To create a wise society all we need to do is create a pure happiness society.

There are several routes to fixing the unhappiness in society and the world. Whether it is by making the masses loving, selfless, humble or honest etc. it all leads to making everyone wise; that in turn makes the brain capable of generating pure happiness without effort 24-7. Each and every one of these routes involves removing the emotional baggage from the brain. Thus the key to a pure happiness society is by ensuring emotionally healthy brains of the young through healthy parenting/upbringing and by brain therapy of the old.

It is well established that wisdom comes with old age. What happens is that there is emotional baggage in the brain that over many decades gets ground out by experience, leaving the brain emotional baggage free; making the brain wise. Thus it is clear that the route to wisdom and pure happiness is by brain therapy that removes the emotional baggage.

There are two core forms of happiness. There is physical happiness that comes from pleasuring any and all the five senses and then there is emotional happiness that is generated innately by the emotional health of the brain. Pure happiness is emotionally healthy happiness that effortlessly springs from an emotionally healthy brain and emotional unhappiness is the toxic/unhealthy happiness that springs from an emotionally challenged brain.

Ignorance/emotional-sickness generates toxic unhappiness and is about brain sickness; Wisdom/emotional-health generates pure happiness and is about brain health.

Thus it is critically essential to understand happiness and create seminars and therapies to generate pure happiness on a massive scale all accross the globe.

I have created several therapies of my own mostly by improving the existing routes to wisdom:

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