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10 Year Old Girl Releases New Book About Rocks And Stones, 'Rocks And Stones Around The World'

The new book covers 51 rocks from 7 continents and regions and unveils fascinating and little known facts about these stones

    WILMINGTON, NC, January 23, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Author Diamante Daniel is pleased to announce the release of 'Rocks And Stones Around The World'. The new book covers 51 rocks from 7 continents and regions around the world. It details little known facts about these stones and includes stories related to the stones. Those who like books may find this one very intriguing, as the author is only 10 years old. She is right in the middle of her fourth grade. Here is what she says about herself:

"I like rocks and gemstone," Diamante says. "I started collecting rocks when I was five years old. I went on many rock collecting trips with my grandpa. He wrote six books about towns and villages in the region that he lives in. This way, he shares his love of towns and villages with people that live in his country, but he never wrote a book about rocks. This gave me an idea. Why can't I write a book too? Now I can tell everybody about my rocks and gems. Writing the book was harder than I imagined, but I kept doing it, until I finished. I started when I was nine. It took me ten months and I just turned ten. My book came out shortly after my birthday."

"My book is about rocks and gems from all over the world. They are organized by a continent or a region where they are mostly found. Readers can see 51 rocks and gems from seven continents and regions and 170 colored photos and pictures. They will learn where the rock names came from and the wonderful stories that are related to each of them. Do you know which rock was so valuable that the Emperor of Mongolia offered a whole city for it? Do you know which gem carried a curse so strong that it had to be split into three pieces to break the curse? Do you know which rock floats? Do you know which rocks can be found only in the United States?

"I learned a lot when working on the book. I thought I knew a lot about rocks but it wasn't enough information. It was hard to find websites to get what I needed, but my sister showed me how. I didn't have a lot of my own pictures, but I went on Wikimedia to get pictures that other people took and they were kind enough to let me use them. I learned how to do research and that science can be fun."

While many adults find writing and publishing book a challenge today, Diamante had a bit of an advantage, in that her father is Rene Daniel, a successful author of a number of fantasy novels. Rene guided Diamante through the writing and publishing of 'Rocks And Stones Around The World'. "When I finished my writing and got all the pictures I needed, he showed me how to organize and format everything into a book," says Diamante.

'Rocks And Stones From Around The World' is available at Amazon. Questions can be directed to Rene Daniel at [email protected] or to the website

Diamante Daniel loves collecting rocks and gems from all over the world. Her family has a rich history of storytelling, in that both her father and grandfather are published authors. Diamante is 10 years old. 'Rocks And Stones From Around The World' is her first published work.

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