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CJ Acquisitions Outlines the Upcoming Marketing Trends of 2015

Arizona-based direct marketing firm, CJ Acquisitions discusses the importance of developing marketing strategies and shares their predictions for the upcoming marketing trends of 2015.

    PHOENIX, AZ, January 25, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It is important for businesses to keep up with marketing trends in order to keep up with competition and also develop marketing strategies. CJ Acquisitions highlights how understanding marketing trends will allow businesses to deliver products and services that consumers really want and need. The firm believes that developing strategies that highlight how the products and services best meet these needs will encourage consumers to shop with a brand, and allow a brand to grow and expand.

About CJ Acquisitions:

CJ Acquisitions has researched into the upcoming trends of 2015 and they believe that all marketers should consider the following things when developing a marketing strategy:

Give social media a go
Social media is going to continue to rise in 2015. CJ Acquisitions recommends that businesses invest in tools that provide better functionality and increased insight. Social media now provides measurable results that can provide valuable information for marketers. This year, marketers can really take advantage of social media and really quantify what they're getting back by using click-through tracking, email collection and click-through sales.

Monitor technology advances
Only 10% of marketers believe technological advances will impact their marketing strategy. CJ Acquisitions believes that more marketers should be concerned and prepared to accommodate tech innovations as they develop, and monitor how they alter consumer interaction with their brands. Those who keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry will be able to adapt to and utilize beneficial trends, getting a few steps ahead of the competition.

Prepare for mobile commerce
2015 could be the year mobile commerce takes centre stage. It is not uncommon for mobile opens to turn into desktop purchases. Consumers often rely on desktops to buy because the process is easier and less time consuming. However, a one-click approach is soon to become available on mobile devices. CJ Acquisitions believes businesses need to develop their websites to become more responsive on mobiles to accommodate this.

New Email Marketing Plan, Based on Data
Look into past data to see what's worked and what hasn't. Take time to fully understand data and gain valuable insights on where diminishing returns are coming from and if there is a specific reason for something no longer working in order to build a better strategy. Use segmentation and A/B testing to try something different and learn from the data to see what will provide the best results to improve campaigns.

CJ Acquisitions is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. The firm specialize in developing unique marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients. CJ Acquisitions connects with consumers via face-to-face marketing methods in order to create long-lasting and personal bonds between brand and consumer. This leads to increased brand loyalty, brand awareness and customer loyalty for their clients.

CJ Acquisitions regularly update and develop their marketing strategies by keeping up with marketing trends and regularly testing their markets. The firm are able to carry out tests and measure results of campaigns daily so that any developments and improvements can be made immediately and improve the result of the campaign.

CJ Acquisitions is a Phoenix-based direct marketing company that specializes in face-to-face marketing in order to generate a high ROI.

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