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Chattanooga Bankruptcy Lawyers Clark & Washington Discuss Steps To Improve Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

There are ways to rebuild your credit even after filing for bankruptcy, according to this trusted bankruptcy attorney in Chattanooga.

    CHATTANOOGA, TN, April 20, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The first thing to remember as you're working on improving your credit after bankruptcy is that it will take time. The Chattanooga bankruptcy attorneys at Clark & Washington have assisted thousands of people in their bankruptcy filings throughout the southeastern United States. This is advice that they give their clients from the onset of any bankruptcy process. It took several years for you to reach the point of having to declare bankruptcy, so give yourself time to improve your credit scores. It will not happen overnight, but by taking the following steps, you can make it happen.

Open a new checking and savings account and apply for a secured credit card as soon as your balance reaches the minimum requirement for this. A secured credit card functions basically like a debit card since your credit limit is capped by the amount of money you have in the linked account. Make sure your payments are reported to all three major credit bureaus to boost your credit score.

Get a retail or gas credit card and pay off your balance on time every month. Knowing that you have to pay off the entire amount you charge to the card each month will discipline you not to charge any more than you can afford. Doing this shows the credit bureaus that you are managing your credit and finances responsibly.

Avoid charging basic living expenses to your credit card (except for gas since you can't splurge on it and overspend). This helps you to live within your means, which is crucial if you are to rebuild your credit. Having the right mindset goes a long way not only in improving your credit score but also in enjoying a financially secure and debt-free life.

If you're looking for an expert Chattanooga bankruptcy attorney, call Clark & Washington. Their experience in this field is your best guarantee of a successful bankruptcy filing. Their seasoned Chattanooga bankruptcy lawyers are ready to assist you every step of the way.

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Established in 1983, Clark & Washington is now one of the leading bankruptcy filers in the Southeast. They have locations in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. Clark & Washington specializes in personal Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy. They offer honest, helpful legal advice to those experiencing financial hardships.

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