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All Marketers Must Incorporate Culture In Their Brand Building Process States CroMex Inc.

The most successful marketers are those that incorporate consumer culture into their branding claims CroMex Inc.

    NEW YORK, NY, April 30, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- General cultural knowledge includes implicit theories about the world we live in that are largely shared by the members of our society. But in addition to this shared set of ideas, we also have personal knowledge that can conflict with accepted, culturally derived practices. The role that culture plays in building an effective brand strategy is more important than ever says CroMex Inc; this is beyond demographics and psychographic insights. Savvy brand marketers are layering in the measurable impact that a consumer's culture has on what brands they support.

About CroMex:

In a recent article online ( 22 April 2015) it was revealed that there is a deep-rooted cultural influence in the USA and this is having an impact in how brands market themselves and the values that consumer's hold. According to Nielsen, 'multicultural consumers can fundamentally transform categories when you consider Super Consumers'. It has been revealed that the top 10% of a category's household consumers (the 'Super Consumers') are the ones who can drive at least 30% of sales, 40% of growth and 50% of profits. These consumers are product enthusiasts, fueled by an emotional and very often a cultural connection.

Multicultural consumers disproportionately make up Super Consumers in 15 major studied categories. Understanding the cultural essence that drives multicultural consumer behavior will not only provide a clear vantage point to see future market trends but it will also help forge long-term and lucrative relationships with these growing shopper bases.

Based in the heart of New York City, CroMex Inc have a very clear and precise goal within the outsourced sales and marketing industry. The firm's vision is to become the brightest, most attractive company for their clients and they aim to offer a cost-effective route for clients through marketing campaigns across the US.

CroMex Inc offer unique and personalized event marketing campaigns that involve face-to-face techniques and deliver the client's message to their target audience to achieve their business goals. The firm believe that communicating with customers on a one-to-one basis delivers the greatest impact and creates many benefits such as cost-effective, flexible campaigns and targeted marketing. CroMex Inc offer customized marketing methods to potential customers in order to generate sales, and build customer relationships, aid customer retention and raise brand awareness.

CroMex is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in New York. The firm specialises in personalised event marketing campaigns that offer valuable one-on-one connections to their customers.

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